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2013 NFL Draft: New York Giants skip Tank Carradine workout

The New York Giants were reportedly not among the 11 NFL teams who witnessed Florida State defensive end Tank Carradine go through a private workout Saturday in advance of the 2013 NFL Draft.

Carradine, who SB Nation's Mocking The Draft has consistently connected to the Giants with the 19th overall pick in the draft, was impressive for a player who tore an ACL just five months ago.

Does the fact that the Giants did not attend the workout mean they are simply playing possum and trying not to show their interest in Carradine? Or, does it in fact mean he isn't a player they are considering? As much as the Giants love pass rushers, especially pass rushers at defensive end, their lack of attendance has to be surprising.

Now we wait to see if the Giants, or any other team, was impressed enough to grab Carradine at some point in the first round.