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2013 NFL Mock Draft: SBN sticking with Tank Carradine for Giants

It should come as no surprise that SB Nation has chosen Florida State defensive end Tank Carradine for the Giants in its latest mock draft.

Tank Carradine
Tank Carradine

Give the folks at SB Nation NFL Draft some credit. Dan Kadar and Matthew Fairburn certainly are sticking to their guns when it comes their thought on who the New York Giants will select in the 2013 NFL Draft. As has been the case consistently in recent weeks, SB Nation has once again selected Florida State defensive end Tank Carradine for the Giants in their latest 2013 NFL Mock Draft, released Monday.

Kadar writes:

Carradine's pure potential is as great as any defensive linemen in the draft this year. He's a highly athletic player with size, so he fits the Jerry Reese mold.

[SBN Carradine Profile | BBV Prospect Profile]

SBN lft North Carolina guard Jonathan Cooper, Kansas State linebacker Arthur Brown and Georgia linebacker Alec Ogletree on the board in making this pick.

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