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New York Giants' Depth Chart: Tight end analysis

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The Giants have replaced Martellus Bennett at tight end with Brandon Myers. They also have Bear Pascoe and promising youngster Adrien Robinson. Do they need more help there?

Brandon Myers
Brandon Myers

Let's move on to tight end as we continue our position-by-position analysis of the 2013 New York Giants depth chart in advance of the NFL Draft.

Depth Chart


Player 1

Player 2

Player 3

Player 4

Player 5


Brandon Myers

Bear Pascoe

Adrien Robinson

Larry Donnell

Jamie Childers

Off-season Moves

The tight end position is one that always seems to be in flux for the Giants. Kevin Boss held the job for a couple of years, but since Boss left the Giants have gotten single seasons from Jake Ballard and Martellus Bennett. This year will be more of the same. After a good season in New York Bennett is gone to the Chicago Bears for more moolah than the Giants were willing to cough up, and Brandon Myers has been signed to a low-cost deal as a free agent after catching 79 passes in a breakout 2012 season with the Oakland Raiders. The Giants have also brought back dependable blocking tight end Bear Pascoe.

Draft Possibilities

Before the signing of Myers tight end would have been considered among the need positions entering the draft. Now, it looks like more of a value/luxury type position. If a player they truly love -- maybe Zach Ertz of Stanford [Prospect Profile] -- is the best value on the board when they select in the second round or later they could do that, but they have more important needs to address on defense and on the offensive line.

Robinson, last season's fourth-round pick, might have a chance to develop into a long-term answer at the position. Or it could be Myers. If they add a tight end perhaps they would so in the later rounds, someone like Matt Fursternberg of Maryland [Interview | Prospect Profile].

The Giants always manage to make lemonade out of lemons at tight end -- and it appears they may already have more than lemons at the position. I can see a mid- to late-round tight end selection based on value, but nothing more.

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