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New York Giants' Depth Chart: Running back analysis

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The New York Giants are moving on without Ahmad Bradshaw. Do they need to supplement the running back position in the 2013 NFL Draft?

David Wilson
David Wilson
Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

Today we continue our position-by-position analysis of the New York Giants' depth chart by turning to running back, where the Giants have discarded Ahmad Bradshaw and turned over the reigns to David Wilson and Andre Brown.

Depth Chart


Player 1

Player 2

Player 3

Player 4


David Wilson

Andre Brown

Da’Rel Scott

Ryan Torain

Off-season Moves

The Giants have moved firmly into the future when it comes to their running back situation. They cut ties with the productive, hard-nosed and highly-respected veteran Bradshaw, whose troublesome feet finally caused the Giants to boot him out the door.

That means the Giants will go into the 2013 season with 2012 first-round pick David Wilson sharing the load with Andre Brown, who emerged as a productive player in 2012 before breaking his leg. Da'Rel Scott and Ryan Torain will compete for the leftover scraps that go to the third back.

Draft Possibilities

In two seasons the Giants have now parted ways veterans Bradshaw and Brandon Jacobs. Wilson and Brown should be capable, maybe more than capable, of doing the job as the primary backs. Would the Giants use a mid- or late-round pick to provide some competition for Scott and Torain? While that might not be a must in the upcoming draft, it would hardly be a stunner if the Giants used a selection in an effort to add some depth here.

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The Giants have been connected to a number of mid- to late-round running backs during the pre-draft process. The list includes Jawan Jamison (Rutgers), Ray Graham (Pittsburgh) and Miguel Maysonet of Stony Brook. Maysonet is expected to be the first Stony Brook player ever drafted by an NFL team, and could come off the board in the sixth or seventh round.

Other mid- to late-round candidates include Marcus Lattimore (South Carolina) and Christine Michael of Texas A&M.

Thoughts, Giants' fans?