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'Booms' and 'Busts': How would you assess Giants' recent picks?

Ed looks at a 'booms' and 'busts' draft post by Pat Traina, and offers his own assessment.

Marvin Austin
Marvin Austin
USA Today Sports

How well have the New York Giants drafted over the past five years? Writing for the Yahoo! Contributor Network, Pat Traina has penned a 'booms' and 'busts' post, offering her take on that question. Because it's what we do, we are going to examine Pat's thoughts and offer our take on her take.

First off, there is always some subjectivity involved in how you look at a certain player. So, my definition of 'boom' or bust' might be different than Pat's. One major quibble I have is that throughout her post Pat refers to many of the late-round picks as 'busts.' We will disagree there, because my feeling is that if you are what is now a third day pick in the draft (rounds 4-7) you can't 'bust' because there aren't high expectations.

Anyway, here goes.


Pat says:

Booms: 1/31 S Kenny Phillips; 3/95 WR Mario Manningham; Busts: 4/123 LB Bryan Kehl, 6/198 QB Andre Woodson, 6/199 DE Robert Henderson; In-betweens: 2/63 CB Terrell Thomas, 5/165 LB Jonathan Goff.

Valentine's View: Maybe you can call Kehl a bust, but using my prior logic you can't apply 'bust' to Woodson or Henderson. Questionable choices, but not busts. Probably a good call to put Thomas as an 'in-between.' Not sure I'd put Phillips in the 'booms' category because he became a good player, just not the star he was expected to be.


Pat says:

Booms: 1/29 WR Hakeem Nicks, 2/60 OT William Beatty; Busts: 2/45 LB Clint Sintim;,3/85 WR Ramses Barden, 3/100 TE Travis Beckum, 5/151 QB Rhett Bomar, 6/200 DB DeAndre Wright, 7/238 DB Stoney Woodson; In-between: 4/129 RB Andre Brown.

Valentine's View: No disagreement here, except for my quibble about calling the late-round picks busts.


Pat says:

Booms: 1/15 DE Jason Pierre-Paul, 2/46 DT Linval Joseph; Busts: 4/115 LB Phillip Dillard, 5/147 G Mitch Petrus, 7/221 P Matt Dodge; In-betweens: 3/76 DB Chad Jones; 6/184 DE Adrian Tracy.

Valentine's View: Again, no real disagreement here. I will go along with calling Dodge a bust, since any time you draft a punter you have expectations. And we know Dodge didn't get the job done. The Jones situation remains a sad, unfortunate one.


Pat says:

Booms: 1/19 CB Prince Amukamara, 6/202 LB Jacquian Williams; Bust: 6/185 LB Greg Jones; In-betweens: 2/52 DT Marvin Austin, 3/83 WR Jerrel Jernigan, 4/117 OL James Brewer, 6/198 SS Tyler Sash, 7/221 RB Da'Rel Scott.

Valentine's View: Pat and I don't disagree that Jones did not get the job done. Again, though, can you call a sixth-round pick a bust? I can't put Austin in the in-betweens. For me, at this point he is a total bust. In fact, maybe the poster child for an early-round bust. He's done nothing -- zip, zilch, nada -- to justify his second-round selection. He has a long way to go to prove he belongs in the league.


Pat says:

Booms: 1/32 RB David Wilson, 2/63 WR Rueben Randle; In-between: 3/94 CB Jayron Hosley; 4/127 TE Adrien Robinson; 4/131 OL Brandon Mosley; 6/201 OT Matt McCants; 7/239 DT Markus Kuhn.

Valentine's View: Pat is undoubtedly right when she indicates it is too early to judge this draft class. You certainly do have to believe, though, that Wilson and Randle are headed toward very productive careers.

Thoughts, Giants' fans?