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New York Giants' depth chart: Safety analysis

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The Giants lost Kenny Phillips in free agency and added Ryan Mundy. Do they need to fortify the position in the 2013 NFL Draft?

Antrel Rolle
Antrel Rolle
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Let's continue our position-by-position look at the New York Giants depth chart in advance of the 2013 NFL Draft. Today, we look at safety -- the final defensive position we have to examine. Stevie Brown emerged last season with eight interceptions, but the Giants were still among the worst teams in the league when it came to allowing long pass pass plays. The Giants allowed 13 pass plays of 40 yards or more in 2012, and only the New Orleans Saints (14) allowed more.

Depth Chart


Player 1

Player 2

Player 3

Player 4


Stevie Brown

Ryan Mundy

Tyler Sash

David Caldwell


Antrel Rolle

Will Hill

Off-season Moves

The biggest move, as Giants' fans know, was the loss of 2008 first-round pick Kenny Phillips to the Philadelphia Eagles. Knee issues limited Phillips to nine games last season, and the health of his knee, which cost him most of the 2009 season, is likely the biggest reason the Giants seemingly did not make a big push to keep Phillips. He is certainly still a good player. He had a +7.4 rating from Pro Football Focus in 2012, and quarterbacks had only a 39.6 passer rating when targeting him. Those numbers, and the defensive stats with and without Phillips in the lineup, tell you Phillips had more value to the Giants than one might believe when you see he had no interceptions and only 24 tackles.

Do the Giants have enough to replace him? They have Stevie Brown, who tied for the league lead with eight intercpetions last season. They have Antrel Rolle, who hopefully will be able to play a true safety position for the Giants in 2013 rather than spending a high percentage of the time as a slot corner. They signed Ryan Mundy, formerly of the Pittsburgh Steelers, for depth. Terrell Thomas could see some snaps at safety if he proves to be healthy.

Draft Possibilities

How much value do the Giants place on this position? What, precisely, do they think of players like Brown, Will Hill and Tyler Sash? The first few rounds of the draft later this month might help us answer those questions.

Kenny Vaccaro of Texas [BBV Prospect Profile] would be the likely choice if the Giants were to choose a safety at No. 19 in the opening round of the draft. Jonathan Cyprien of Florida International and Matt Elam of Florida are considered late- first-round prospects, but neither has generally been connected to the Giants.

The Giants have been connected to several other potential safety prospects throughout the pre-draft process. Here is a list of some of them:

Rontez Miles (Cal), Duron Harmon (Rutgers) and Alonzo Tweedy (Virginia Tech). Tweedy is considered to be an exceptional player on special teams coverage unites. Miles is a small-college prospect.