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New York Giants' Depth Chart: Cornerback analysis

A look at the Giants' depth at cornerback as the 2013 NFL Draft approaches.

Prince Amukamara knocks away a pass
Prince Amukamara knocks away a pass
John Grieshop

As we continue to analyze the New York Giants' depth chart in advance of the 2013 NFL Draft we move to cornerback, a position where the Giants simply were not good enough in 2012.

Depth Chart


Player 1

Player 2

Player 3

Player 4

Player 5


Corey Webster

Jayron Hosley

Terrence Frederick

Antonio Dennard

Buddy Jackson


Prince Amukamara

Terrell Thomas

Aaron Ross

Trumaine McBride

Laron Scott

Off-season Moves

Interestingly, the Giants have to this point in the off-season chosen familiarity over fresh faces at cornerback. Rather than cut veteran Corey Webster after the worst season of his eight-year NFL career the Giants chose to convince Webster to accept a drastic pay cut and try to prove that, at 31, he can still be a productive corner. Webster had 106.6 passer rating against in 2012, 93rd in the league, and surrendered 16.7 yards per catch, fourth-worst in the league.

The only addition the Giants have made at corner thus far is Aaron Ross, the team's 2007 first-round pick who bolted for a big contract with the Jacksonville Jaguars before the 2012 season but was released after one poor year. Ross is familiar to the Giants, but his 109.4 passer rating against, including 40 completions in 59 targets) was worse than Webster's.

The Giants will also give Terrell Thomas one more shot at a comeback. Thomas, of course, has not played since 2010 and has now had three ACL surgeries. No NFL cornerback has come back from that.

Draft Possibilities

The Giants have plenty of options beyond Prince Amaukamara, who established himself as their best cornerback in 2012. The question is, how viable are any of those options? The veterans Webster, Ross and Thomas have much to prove to be considered quality options. Jayron Hosley has potential, but struggled mightily as a rookie. His passer rating against of 121.8 was 110th among 113 corners graded by Pro Football Focus. No one else on the current roster can, right now, be considered a reliable option.

So, you turn to the draft. Would it be a tremendous surprise if the Giants used the 19th overall pick on a cornerback, most likely Desmond Trufant of Washington [BBV Prospect Profile] or Xavier Rhodes of Florida [BBV Prospect Profile]? Probably not.

If they don't go that route at 19, it would hardly be a stunner if one of their Day 2 picks turns out to be a cornerback. Day 2 candidates might include Jamar Taylor of Boise State [BBV Prospect Profile], D.J. Hayden of Houston and Johnthan Banks of Mississippi State [BBV Prospect Profile].