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2013 NFL Draft: New York Giants hoping for Chance Warmack?

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Chance Warmack
Chance Warmack

The New York Giants have their eye on on Alabama offensive lineman in the upcoming 2013 NFL Draft, according to Tony Pauline of Draft Insider. But it isn't D.J. Fluker, the right tackle who has been increasingly connected to the Giants as the draft approaches. It's guard Chance Warmack, who visited with the Giants recently.

If Warmack does start to slide I am told the New York Giants would love the opportunity to select him as they feel he’s a great fit for their system. Moving towards the draft it seems one of the Giants early targets, Warmack’s teammate DJ Fluker, will be out of reach. One late round blocker I am told the Giants like is Emmett Cleary of Boston College, who has drawn praise from the teams offensive line coach Pat Flaherty.

– Sources tell me if he remains true to his past, New York Giants general manager Jerry Reese is still compiling data and will start to put the teams draft board together next week.

Valentine's View: I wouldn't be shocked or upset by this scenario at all. Recall that in the Big Blue View Community Mock Draft, with Warmack off the board, I chose North Carolina guard Jonathan Cooper for the Giants.

Here is what I believe when it comes to the Giants. GM Jerry Reese will tell you that he takes the best player, but how any team sets their draft board or values players has to be influenced by what they perceive their needs to be. In this case, the Giants have addressed every area that could be perceived as a need with a free agent from outside the organization -- except for the offensive line.

That leads me to think they might place a higher value on offensive linemen in the first round, and quite possibly take the best one left between Warmack, Cooper and Fluker.