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2013 NFL Draft Order: New York Giants gain one compensatory draft pick

Compensatory picks for the 2013 NFL Draft were announced Monday. The New York Giants gained a seventh-round pick.


The New York Giants have been awarded one 2013 NFL compensatory draft pick, a seventh-rounder (253rd overall). The pick comes as compensation for the free-agent losses of Mario Manningham, Aaron Ross and Dave Tollefson. The Giants' signings were Martellus Bennett, Shaun Rogers and Sean Locklear.

The complete list of Giants' 2013 NFL Draft picks is as follows:

Round Pick Overall

1 19 19

2 19 49

3 19 81

4 19 116

5 19 152

6 19 187

7 19 225

7 47 253

The Atlanta Falcons and Baltimore Ravens each received four compensatory picks. The San Francisco 49ers and Tennesse Titans were each awarded two.