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BBV 2013 Community Mock Draft: With 2nd pick, Jacksonville Jaguars select ...

The Big Blue View Community Mock Draft moves to pick No. 2, which belongs to the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Geno Smith
Geno Smith

We move to the second choice in our 2013 Big Blue View Community Mock Draft, which means Jaguars' GM 'Flynner' is now up to bat. The Jaguars select ...

Geno Smith, QB, West Virginia

'Flynner' explains:

"With as many needs as this team has it would be easy to take any number of players here. I debated between Jordan, Floyd, Milliner, Fisher and Smith, ultimately settling on Smith for a couple of reasons. First, their current QB is arguably the worst starter in the entire NFL, He's young, but bad. Second the team is under new management, has a revamped logo and appears to be trying to give the entire franchise a new image, what better way than a new face of the franchise QB.

"Smith is not RGIII or Luck, but he is a great QB prospect with the potential to grow into a frachise QB. He is someone a fan base can get behind, and I think that is very important for Jacksonville right now.

"The Jags fan base hasn't had a lot to get behind since Coughlin left, so to me it me taking a QB and signaling a new era is the right thing to do... even if they aren't ready to protect him, or stop the other team, Oh well, there's always next year."

Valentine's View: Jacksonville still needs to undo the Blaine Gabbert mistake it made a couple of years ago. Is Smith the answer? Maybe, but Smith is a reach at No. 2 overall. It's a boom or bust move for Jacksonville. I suppose, though, that the Jags are already terrible, so this move couldn't make things any worse.

BBV Mock Draft, Round 1
  1. Kansas City Chiefs -- Luke Joeckel, OT, Texas A&M [Explanation]
  2. Jacksonville Jaguars -- Geno Smith, QB, West Virginia