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Manti Te'o fails to impress at 2013 NFL combine

Manti Te'o did not perform poorly Monday at the 2013 NFL combine, but he was not impressive enough to push aside the questions about his judgment, as well as his athleticism.

Manti Te'o works out Monday at the NFL combine
Manti Te'o works out Monday at the NFL combine
Joe Robbins

This was not a good day for Manti Te'o.

Questions have swirled around Te'o ever since the fake girlfriend hoax, and since he played horrendously for Notre Dame in the national championship game against Alabama. Leading up to the 2013 NFL combine most NFL Draft analysts figured that Te'o could put most of those questions about his maturity and judgment to rest by impressing on the field during the scouting combine.

Unfortunately, that isn't what happened. Teo' ran a mediocre 4.82 40-yard dash, which got this reaction from Baltimore Ravens' coach John Harbaugh -- a team that needs a middle linebacker:

Thus, it was a performance that raised more questions about Te'o. Here is some of what was said on Twitter: