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2013 NFL Draft: Alec Ogletree DUI, D.J. Fluker

2913 NFL Draft notes, including Alex Ogletree being charged with DUI.

Alec Ogletree
Alec Ogletree
Daniel Shirey-US PRESSWIRE

With as much interest as there has been in Georgia linebacker Alec Ogletree from New York Giants' fans the news that Ogletree was recently charged with DUI has to be a concern.

Pro Football Talk also references the fact that Ogletree was suspended four games last season following a positive drug test.

The Giants have given players with troubled backgrounds chances before. Usually, however, those are undrafted free-agent types like Will Hill and not first-round draft picks like Ogletree. If Ogletree is a guy the Giants are truly interested in you can bet they will dig deep during the next few months to determine whether or not he is a guy who can be relied upon.

More Draft Notes is a source I'm turning to more and more for interviews with draft prospects. D.J. Fluker, the big right guard from Alabama, spoke to College2pro recently, and if you want Fluker to be a Giant you have to love this quote from Fluker:

"I take a lot of pride in run blocking. I take a lot of pride in being an offensive tackle. I love to finish every play and push people to the ground. Making sure you know I demolished you."

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"That's all it is, is a sham. The players that are going to be hyped, are going to be hyped," Sherman said on the "ATL Debate Club" podcast. "That's why you have half the first round as busts every year. You can go from now until the end of time. Guys have somehow maneuvered their way into the first round, maneuvered their way into the spotlight.

"As long as (draft analysts) talk about him all day all night, all day, all night, it's kind of like, 'Oh, that's why he went in the first round.' Then when they're doing nothing in the league nobody notices, they just don't say much about them. 'Oh, we didn't get that one wrong, he needs time to develop.' Then three years later, 'Still time to develop.' "

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