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2013 NFL Draft: Manti Te'o, Giants a fit? analyst Bucky Brooks says Manti Te'o and the Giants could be a match. What do you think, Giants' fans?

Manti Te'o
Manti Te'o
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Let's send you into your weekend with some talk about inside linebackers and the 2013 NFL Draft. Yes, that's code for what amounts to a Friday afternoon Manti Te'o thread.

What inspired this brilliant idea? Well, for starters Bucky Brooks of listed the New York Giants as one of the five best fits for Te'o in the upcoming draft. I have no idea if Brooks meant anything by it, but the Giants were the first team on his list. He wrote:

The Giants have been in the market for a playmaker in the middle since Antonio Pierce retired in 2010. While the team has attempted to fill the void with a number of veteran and rookie castoffs, the team needs to invest a high-round draft choice in the position to improve a defense that has underachieved in recent years. With Michael Boley's release leaving the Giants without an impact second level defender in the lineup, the addition of Te'o will address the team's biggest need. Additionally, it gives the Giants a dynamic linebacker with the capacity to change the game with big hits or critical takeaways. Given Jerry Reese's track record for taking the best player available regardless of need, the prospect of adding Te'o would address an area of concern, while adding a blue collar player ideally suited to play for Tom Coughlin.

Couple of other notes on this topic. Highly-respected NFL analyst Pat Kirwan tweeted the following today after finishing film study of inside linebackers available in the draft. "Almost 1/2 the NFL teams need these guys and not enough to go around..don't wait to long."

[Manti Te'o Prospect Profile]

During a conference call today Todd McShay also addressed Te'o, questioning his skills in pass coverage.

Where do you stand on Te'o at this point, Giants' fans? Still hung up on the maturity issue after the fake girlfriend fiasco? Think he's a great fit for the Giants? Concerned that maybe he isn't athletic enough? Reserving judgment until you see his combine numbers?