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2013 NFL Draft: Mel Kiper talks Giants, more on conference call

ESPN draft analyst Mel Kiper Jr. said Wednesday he believes the Giants could be interested in a tight end in the first round of the 2013 NFL Draft.

Stanford tight end Zach Ertz
Stanford tight end Zach Ertz
Steve Dykes

ESPN NFL Draft guru Mel Kiper Jr. held court with media around the country Wednesday via conference call. Kiper talked about anything and everything draft-related during the call, including several items that are noteworthy for New York Giants' fans.

If you want full coverage of the conference call, check out SB Nation's Dan Kadar on Twitter @MockingTheDraft. He has been live-tweeting the call throughout.

Here are a few things Kiper said that relate to the Giants.

-- Kiper is still on the 'Giants could take a tight end in the first round' bandwagon. That argument makes increasing sense if Martellus Bennett winds up somewhere else via free agency.

-- Kiper said NFL scouts are telling him that if Notre Dame middle linebacker Manti Te'o runs a good 40-yard dash time at the combine he could be back in the top 10 discussion.

-- Kadar tweeted that Kiper is "prettty enamored by the tackle class. Has positively mentioned 10-12 guys." That could be good news for the Giants.

-- Kadar tweeted that Kiper thinks defensive end Sam Montgomery, who some have connected to the Giants "Doesn't have that great burst." He seems to indicate that 19th overall is too early for Montgomery.

-- Kadar tweeted that Kiper is "definitely on the Sharrif Floyd trai" and indicated Kiper thinks the defensive tackle will be off the board before the Giants select in the first round.

There were plenty of other interesting observations made by Kiper during the call. Check @MockingTheDraft for the best of them.