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2013 NFL Draft Prospect Profile: Jonathan Hankins, DT, Ohio State

Our series of 2013 NFL Draft prospect profiles continues today with a look at Ohio State defensive tackle Jonathan Hankins, a player who could be a fit for the Giants in the first round.

Jonathan Daniel

Today's 2013 NFL Draft prospect profile is going to look at a first-round defensive lineman who is a possibility for the New York Giants -- talented Ohio State Buckeyes defensive tackle Jonathan Hankins.

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Hankins has been a very good player for the Buckeyes since he stepped on the field his freshman season. Three years of productive play and hard work have led him to this point, he's lost weight since his freshman year to add quickness and it has showed. He's got very good size. Hankins is listed at 6-foot-3, 322 pounds. Hankins has very good agility and athleticism for a man his size. Hankins faced a lot of double teams in 2012. Teams accounted for him in their run game plans all year. Hankins has even dropped into coverage at times. Hankins has a chance to be a good pass rusher at the next level, but probably not a great one. Hankins has good instincts.

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Even though he has lost weight he could use some more conditioning. I think he was over played which is why he wore down in late games and I think it's more of a conditioning issue than a hustle or "want issue". I think on the Giants with how often they like to rotate defensive tackle it would be a non-issue. Hankins has to clean up some technical things like how to use his hands better, and keeping his pad level low to maximize his strength and agility.

Player comparison: (Phil Taylor mockingthedraft)...Dontari Poe, Mebane CBS Sports

My comparison for Giants fans: The good Fred Robbins (former Giants defensive tackle). Robbins took a while to adjust to the league, but from 2004 through 2010 was one of the league's best defensive tackles. He was good against the run or pass. I think Hankins can be better, and be better longer than Robbins was, but he reminds me a bit of his game.

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Does He Fit With The Giants?

He does. He's talented, he's a type of athletic freak (for a 320+ pounds man), he's productive from a major BCS school, he plays a position the Giants put a lot of value on, and he doesn't have any major character flaws.

Prospect Video

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Big Board Rankings

CBS Sports - 28th

National Football Post - 25th

Mocking the Draft - 25th

Sports Illustrated - 21st

Big Blue View Board - 16th

Final Thought

If you draft Hankins strictly on potential you could draft him in the top 10 and no one would bat an eye, but each draft analyst and NFL team will have to decide whether or not he wore down in games because he lacked effort, or whether or not he wore down in games just because he played too much. I think he played too much. I also think that he's a busy college kid who had more than one responsibility. In an NFL weight-training and conditioning program where the NFL is his job, I think he'll be fine. The coaches speak very well of his football character and there are no off the field concerns. I would have no issue if the Giants selected him with their 19th overall pick

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