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2013 NFL Mock Draft: SB Nation chooses Alec Ogletree, MLB, Georgia, for New York Giants

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Alec Ogletree of Georgia is the latest SB Nation NFL Mock Draft choice for the New York Giants. Middle linebacker makes sense, but is Ogletree the right fit?

Alec Ogletree
Alec Ogletree
Daniel Shirey-US PRESSWIRE

Georgia middle linebacker Alec Ogletree is the choice for the New York Giants in the latest 2013 NFL Mock Draft from SB Nation, which was released Monday morning.

SB Nation writes:

Chase Blackburn may be one of the leaders of the Giants, but he's not exactly fit for starting duty on a weekly basis. So if this choice came down to a middle linebacker, Ogltree is a better fit than someone like Arthur Brown or Kevin Minter. The Giants put more of a premium on size on the defensive front seven and Ogltree is the biggest of the three. He's a pure athlete who can drop in coverage and move around well.

[ Ogletree profile | CBS Sports Ogletree profile]

In this mock, SB Nation draft writers chose to pass on BYU defensive end Ezekial Ansah when it was time to choose for the Giants. Ansah, is often connected to the Giants, largely due to comparisons to Jason Pierre-Paul.

I am certain Jesse will weigh in on Ogletree with a profile at some point. The odd thing I find is that Ogletree played inside collegiately in a 3-4, and early profiles list him as an outside linebacker in the NFL.

Here is a look at a couple of other recently-updated mock drafts.

Draft Countdown selected Ansah for the Giants in its most recent mock draft. Of Ansah, Draft Countdown's Scott Wright says:

No prospect has improved their stock more in recent months than B.Y.U. DE Ezekiel Ansah, who has gone from an afterthought to a likely first round pick. ... Ansah is far from a finished product but the Giants can afford to be patient, just like they were with Pierre-Paul. I think we saw how that worked out! New York could stand to upgrade at middle linebacker, left guard and tight end too and some additional help at safety might be called for as well.

Draft Tek, which uses a computer simulation, has the Giants selecting Central Michigan offensive tackle Eric Fisher. draft Tek has connected Fisher to the Giants in several consecutive mock drafts.

Draft Tek writes:

Eric Fisher doesn't come from a dominant BCS school, but he's the consensus number two tackle in the draft after Taylor Lewan and Jake Matthews returned to school. Fisher offers excellent positional value at #19, and is a move that they should definitely make. Consider this: According to the Pro Football Focus positional rankings, the top 12 rated OTs were all 1st or 2nd round picks, and 21 of the first 23 ranked players were all 1st or 2nd round picks. The "no tackles in the first round" absolute is a Giants' trend that needs to end.

Thoughts, Giants' fans?