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New York Giants' news, 8/21: More about Victor Cruz' 'contusion'

New York Giants' headlines for Wednesday, 8/21.

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Victor Cruz, asked on Tuesday if he would be ready to open the season against the Dallas Cowboys on Sept. 8, said "I do envision myself out here on the practice field, getting ready for that Cowboys game and getting ready to go down to Texas to play those guys."

Cruz' optimism is noted, and appreciated. A report from WFAN detailing exactly what a heel contusion is and how long it can take to recover from does not paint nearly as optimistic a picture.

A contusion is a traumatic injury that is caused by forceful impact. The deep bruising affecting bone or muscle generally takes four to six weeks to resolve (depending on degree), though may require more time if the condition occurs along with other issues like ligament sprains. Cruz will evidently undergo additional tests, likely to focus on ruling out the presence of a small fracture that may have evaded diagnosis with initial testing.

With a little less than three weeks until the Giants open their season, look for Cruz to still experience discomfort when they do, even if he rehabs and rests until then. Given the nature of the player and the game, he may very well play regardless. Should that be the case, and if significant symptoms persist, recovery will be prolonged and the wide receiver will be at greater risk for additional issues such as a stress reaction or stress fracture. That was the scenario played out when Derek Jeter suffered a fracture after returning to the lineup before his ankle contusion had healed.

Yikes! The mention of Jeter, with all of the leg problems he has had since fracturing his ankle during the 2012 MLB playoffs, is scary. I will make an effort to find out more about heel contusions and see if we can pin down the likelihood Cruz will be playing against the Cowboys.

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