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Aaron Curry remaining positive, confident he can be a playmaker

Former Seahawks and Raiders linebacker Aaron Curry optimistic he can salvage his NFL career

The Star-Ledger-USA TODAY Sports

Aaron Curry is with his third team in as many years, and for the former No. 5 overall pick in the NFL Draft the 2013 season may be his last chance to salvage his professional football career.

Curry, participating in New York Giants training camp this summer, is competing for a spot on the 53-man roster and is currently running with the second unit as a strong-side linebacker. Despite what we perceive to be a sense of urgency for the linebacker, Curry remains at peace.

"I'm just going out there and have fun," Curry said. "My only concern is to have fun and do all of the right things and do what they ask me to do. But if I'm not having fun, I'm kind of wasting my time.

"I've had some ups and I've had some downs, but when I'm having fun, to me, nothing matters. It's just about enjoying what I'm doing. If you're not enjoying, I don't see how you can do it. So for me, it's all about enjoying it."

Curry dropped about 15 pounds after signing with the Giants and weighs in at 250 pounds. He says he will do whatever the Giants ask.

"I'm going to show up every day and whatever coach Perry (Fewell) tells me to line up and wherever coach Herrmann tells me line up at, that's what I'm going to do," Curry said. "The one thing I do every snap is trust whatever decision I make and I trust that if it's the wrong decision, that coach Hermann is going to fix it.

"Defense is defense; it's never going to change ... Coach Perry has made the New York Giants defense, so that's what it is and I'm just trying to get to the point where they can trust me with the responsibilities."

For a man who may be facing the end of his professional career, Curry does not appear to be stressed out.

Curry admitted he likes to have fun at practice, create a positive atmosphere with his teammates and emphasize the fact football is still a game.

Despite his positive outlook, Curry is still a top-five draft pick who has never met expectations in terms of contributions on the field. Yet he is still confident he can be a play-maker in the NFL, as long as he continues to remain positive.

"No doubt in my mind," Curry said. "That's what we're out here for -- to run around, hit the ball-carrier, get the ball out, celebrate, have fun ... Sometimes we think a play-maker is a guy that has 30 sacks or 15 sacks, but sometimes you have a nose tackle and he's an extreme play-maker because he demands a double-team and he doesn't get any glory or you have a MIKE linebacker that fullbacks fear. To me, they're considered play-makers because without them, the next guy can't make that spectacular play."