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New York Giants center David Baas feeling good after ‘tuneup’

David Baas wouldn't say exactly the kind of medical procedures he underwent during the off-season. The bottom line is that he's back practicing in a limited capacity and met his goal of being ready for the start of training camp.

David Baas
David Baas
Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

It was a simple "tuneup," though New York Giants center David Baas declined to reveal whether or not it was a full service one nor did he know the mileage associated with the procedures. Entering his third season with the Giants, Baas started all 16 games last season and the only documented surgery was the removal of bone chips from his elbow. In two separate operations, doctors addressed different issues, but exactly what those issues were, Baas wasn't saying. Baas also had a heavy wrap on his right knee during mini-camp early this summer, when he was only a spectator. That is now gone. The bottom line is that he's back practicing in a limited capacity and met his goal of being ready for the start of training camp.

"I'll just say I definitely needed it and it's only going to help me in terms of flexibility and just being able to do normal things that I had limitations on last year," Baas said. "It was definitely something that needed to be done and I'm glad we did it. They have me on limited reps right now, but we'll manage that and there's nothing like getting back out to football and getting used to the things that you've done for a number of years.

"My thing is no matter how many surgeries you've had, you have to come out here and prove it every year,."

Baas would like to receive some reps during the preseason until he's full go for the regular season and will work with the team to take a smart approach to his regimen.

"I have to admit with things like that you might have your doubts, but just working with the Giants' medical staff and doing the right things, we haven't had any problems and I don't intend on having any problems any more," Baas said.

While Baas is back on the field, even in a limited capacity, right guard Chris Snee is on the PUP list after having off-season hip surgery and his return date is unknown. Even though the offensive line won't be whole for awhile, Baas isn't concerned. He equates it to riding a bicycle. Once you're back out there doing reps, your steps and hand placements return naturally.

"I don't think it will be a problem," Baas said. "Just because both of us ... we're not out there wondering what's happening. We can still react the same way that we always have. We know the game plan. We know the offense."

Both Baas and Snee expect to be in the lineup for the season opener Sept. 8 at Dallas. Snee has missed just six games over his nine-season career, so sitting out practice is something different for the four-time Pro Bowl player. While he acknowledged he won't want to take 40 snaps per preseason game, getting reps will be critical for the veteran before the Giants begin regular-season play against the Cowboys.

"I still need to get in the preseason games and get those reps," Snee said. "I wouldn't feel comfortable going into a regular season opener without having played some preseason games.

"This is the first time in my career that I've been on this, so it's different. I'm just going to roll with it and help out in other ways, help out in the class room, talk to the young guys. I'll be on the field every day."

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