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Giants Training Camp: Day 2 practice report

What happened during New York Giants practice today? We have the scoop for you right here.

Victor Cruz of the Giants reaches for a catch Sunday during practice
Victor Cruz of the Giants reaches for a catch Sunday during practice
Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

Despite some sprinkles and threatening skies early in the afternoon the New York Giants were able to stay outside for practice Sunday afternoon at the Quest Diagnostics Training Center, appeasing the crowd that showed up for the team's Autograph Day.

Let's get to the action on the field.

Injury News

Yes, you don't want to hear it, but there is a bit of injury news today. Wide receiver Hakeem Nicks exited mid-way thru practice with what head coach Tom Coughlin said was "tightness" in his groin.

Safety Tyler Sash was carted off the field after going to the ground during a kick coverage drill near the end of practice. Coughlin told reporters Sash had cramped, which Sash alluded to while being carted off, saying "My beard is weighing me down and I keep cramping," when he crossed paths with reporters.

Practice Highlights

The offense seemed a little sharper Sunday than it was on Day 1.

  • Before exiting practice Nicks beat Corey Webster deep down the right sideline to haul in a perfectly-thrown pass from David Carr. Before you groan too much about C-Web, he appeared to have pretty good position on the play but the throw was on target.
  • Rueben Randle continued to look like a developing play-maker. During 1-on-1 drills he beat Terrence Frederick to catch a deep ball from Eli Manning.
  • Tight end Chase Clement left Cooper Taylor in the dust on one play, executing a beautiful double move to beat him up the seam and catch a Manning pass.
  • Victor Cruz hears the 'Cruuuuuuuuuz' chant just about every time he moves. He actually justified it Sunday making a leaping catch over Trumaine McBride to haul in a deep pass from Carr.
  • Adrien Robinson made a highlight reel grab, leaping high to haul in a pass from Carr and keeping his feet in bounds while well-covered by Jacquain Williams
  • Prince Amukamara did not appear to have a great day. He wasn't burned badly on any specific plays, but a lot of passes seemed to get completed in his direction Sunday afternoon.
  • Jake Mausau had the day's only interception, dropping into a passing lane to pick off a pass rookie quarterback Ryan Nassib waited too long to release.
  • It is really difficult to judge line play at this point, but rookie Damontre Moore sems to be too much for the Giants' third-team offensive tackles to handle.
Other Notes
  • It seemed like celebrity day at Quest. Former Giants Shaun O'Hara and Jeff Feagles were on the sidelines, along with Jenny Vrentas of Peter King's Monday Morning Quarterback and a crew from ESPN headed by Sal Paolantonio.
  • Will said the four-game suspension he got from the NFL was because he "failed a lot of drug tests" that were taken last season. He said the Giants were fighting the suspension, which is why it did not occur until now. Hill explained what happened:

    "It has nothing to do with football. It was more so family members, people reaching their hand out thinking you’re an ATM, and people thinking you owe them something. There was a situation where I visited my hometown and a guy pulled a gun out on me right in the park for some money. How do you really deal with those situations? You really can’t. I just dealt with it the best way I knew how."
  • The Giants ran a fake field goal during practice with Steve Weatherford throwing a tipped, but completed pass to Robinson. Feagles made his way into Coughlin's press conference to ask for a n explanation:

    "Any reason why you have more confident in No. 5 (Weatherford) than No. 18?" Feagles asked, drawing a laugh from the coach.