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Prince Amukamara, 09.06.12

A: I know that I can’t rush it. I know that it’s just time that it takes for it to heal.

Q: What are your thoughts for the start of next week?

A: That’s my plan. I just have to take it day by day to see how it feels. It’s just mainly on how it feels.

Q: How does it feel right now?
A: It feels good. I’m not sure if I could run on it or anything yet. I haven’t tried that, but I’ve been doing a lot of rehab and a lot of work on it, so I know I’m progressing.

Q: You haven’t run on it yet?
A: No. Not anytime soon.

Q: Are you still targeting the second week?
A: Yeah. That’s my target. I don’t know if that’s the trainers thoughts.
Q: Do you know when you’ll be able to start?
A: No. I’m not sure. They haven’t shared that schedule to me yet.

Q: You feel like you’re making progress though?
A: Yeah, for sure. I feel like I’m heading in the right direction.

Q: How hard was it to watch the game knowing that you weren’t available for it and seeing what happened to the secondary?

A: Of course, the natural feeling is to feel that sense of urgency, that sense of pressure, but I know I’m just worried about the things I can control and that’s just my rehab. I can’t control the time that it takes to heal, so I’m just focusing on what I can control.