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Giants Vs. Cowboys -- Five Things We Learned

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In many ways, the New York Giants never change. The issues are the same every year, it seems. Short-yardage and red zone. Covering the slant. Playing from behind. Inability to run the ball. On the flip side, Eli Manning always gives them a chance.

I will get to the 'Kudos & Wet Willies' a bit later, but for now here is a quick 'Five Things We Learned' from Wednesday's 24-17 loss to the Dallas Cowboys. In truth, there are more than five -- but that's enough for now.

1. The Giants still can't run -- Don't let Ahmad Bradshaw's 17-carry, 78-yard (4.6 yards per carry) stat line fool you. Other than one 33-yard run when the Cowboys were playing pass, the Giants averaged 2.7 yards per rushing play (49 yards on 18 tries). Not good. Despite the emphasis on improving here, the Giants still can't consistently block in the run game.

2. The Giants need Prince Amukamara -- Michael Coe was so-so before getting hurt. Justin Tryon was awful when forced to replace Coe. The Giants need Amukamara to get healthy -- fast. And they need him to play like a first-round pick -- fast.

3. David Diehl still can't block DeMarcus Ware -- Right tackle, left tacke it doesn't matter. Get Ware lined up over Diehl and that is bad for the Giants. Ware had two sacks Wednesday, beating Diehl both times.

4. Domenik Hixon looks great -- Hixon sure doesn't look like a guy who has missed most of the last two years with ACL injuries. He has no hesitation, and he can still make plays. Terrell Thomas can only wish his recovery had gone that well.

5. Tom Coughlin still has no tolerance for rookie mistakes -- David Wilson fumbled. David Wilson disappeared. After his fumble cost the Giants a first-half scoring opportunity he never played another down on offense. After Wilson failed to field a kickoff cleanly Andre Brown was suddenly the return man.