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Chad Jones Documentary Released by Union HZ

Every so often here at Big Blue View we still get questions about Chad Jones, the 2010 third-round draft pick who never played a down in the NFL after a horrific car accident nearly cost him his life before his first NFL training camp even begaan.

Well, the folks at Union HZ have produced a short documentary about Jones. You can find it after the jump. It is inspiring, but at the same time very graphic. Be prepared.

"It looked like someone had taken a small hatchet and just cut his leg up, said strength and conditioning coach Carter Stamm.

Physical therapist John Moran called Jones' X-Rays "the worst X-Rays I'd ever seen."

"In my lifetime I never came to something I felt that was out of my reach or soemthing that I couldn't do," Jones says during the documentary. "I see the good things that came out of it. It actually got me closer to my son. I can't give up because that's not what I want him to see from out of his father.

"I just need one snap to fulfill my dream, to say I did it. Just one little snap."