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Facts About Wednesday NFL Games

How unusual is it for the NFL to play regular-season games on a Wednesday, which it will this week when the New York Giants open the season against the Dallas Cowboys? Well, really unusual, since it hasn't been done in almost 64 years. The last one was Sept. 22, 1948, when the Los Angeles Rams defeated the Detroit Lions, 44-7.

The folks at passed along some really interesting facts about Wednesday NFL games.

The Giants have not played a Wednesday game since defeated the then-Pittsburgh Pirates, 14-12 on Oct. 3, 1934.

Football Geography says the Giants were the first NFL team to play a regular-season game on a Wednesday, defeating the Rochester Jeffersons, 13-0, on Nov. 11, 1925.

Want a good omen? The Giants have played six times on Wednesdays, winning five.

It is really weird having an NFL game on a Wednesday. I know the NFL usually starts on Thursday but did not want to conflict with President Obama, who will be speaking at the Democratic National Convention that day. It just would have seemed more 'normal' if the game had been scheduled for Friday.