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Prince Amukamara, 09.28.12

Q: Are you preparing any differently now that you may start this week?
A: No. If you're asking is it because I'm starting this game? Last week, I came in on the second play, but I didn't start the first play, so my mentality is always going to be the same - prepare as a starter and study as a starter. I was starting all the preseason games, so it's really not much different.

Q: Is your hamstring totally back to normal now?
A: My hamstring hasn't been a problem since preseason.

Q: How about your ankle?
A: There's still a little discomfort, a little pain, but it's not really affecting my game. It gets sore a couple of times, but as I'm running, it's warmed up. It feels good as new.

Q: Do you think you'll stay on the outside or move into the slot?
A: I'm going to be playing cornerback. I'm going to be wherever the coaches put me. If they have me on the receiver, I'm going to follow the receiver. If they have me on one side, I'll stay on that side.

Q: You played a little nickelback last year too?
A: Right.