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Perry Fewell, 09.27.12

Q: What's your level of concern with Antrel Rolle for Sunday?
A: He had a good mental practice today. He didn't have a physical practice, but mentally he's all into it. No concern.

Q: He doesn't generally miss practices:
A: He never misses a thing. Just more precautionary than anything else. It was probably erring on the side of good judgment.

Q: Do you think he'll play Sunday?
A: Oh yeah. I don't think there's any question about it.

Q: Just because it's him, or because it's not too serious?
A: I mean he practiced on Monday, he practiced on Wednesday. I think he'll be ready to roll.

Q: He's not used to sitting out:
A: He's not used to missing a thing. It's unusual when he misses anything.

Q: He seems ticked off about it too:
A: Yes.

Q: He doesn't like sitting out?
A: You know what; he's my kind of guy. He doesn't like to miss a rep, and you like players like that.

A: He said if he couldn't go, Stevie Brown would be the next man up for safety:
A: Either Stevie or myself. (laughs) But I'm sure he'll be there.

Q: How's Jayron Hosley looking for Sunday?
A: You know what, we just have to wait and see. You have to talk to Tom, talk to the trainers. He didn't work today, so we'll see tomorrow. If he works tomorrow, then hey, it'll look more promising. We won't know that until tomorrow, and see what happens after tomorrow.

Q: What is the root cause of the pressure this season on Vick? Is it just the offensive line?
A: The games that I've watched, sometimes he leaves the pocket, and sometimes they have breakdowns here and there. When he leaves the pocket, people have been able to get some solid hits on him so I think it's just a combination of both. There's no one certain thing.

Q: Is part of it him just holding on to the ball too long?
A: I don't know their progressions as far as their reads. I know sometimes, Michael, when he has the ball, it seems like he gets rid of it pretty quick to me. Sometimes when the read isn't there, he pulls it down and runs, and he'll take a hit. I don't think there's one cause of it, people have just been able to get to him and hit him this year.

Q: How much can you tell from past experience that the Eagles work extra hard to neutralize your defensive front?
A: They make a big effort to stabilize our defensive ends and make sure they shut off the inside. They don't get as many guys out in the routes when they do that, when they try to max protect. Normally they run two- or three-man routes at that point in time and they don't get five guys out. A lot of teams try and get four or five people out. They try and chip our guys and stop them from rushing. They have a very good plan to try and neutralize our rush.

Q: Did you like the rotation with Marvin Austin at defensive tackle?
A: It was good to see Marvin play, because he hasn't played for a few years. To get him in and knock some of the rust off, obviously he needs a lot of work, and obviously we always like to see him work and what he can produce. It was good to have him in. I think it was maybe 15-18 plays he was in.

Q: Does Corey Webster have to prepare any differently with a cast on his hand?
A: I say yes, but I don't know if he does or doesn't because he made some plays in practice today that were just outstanding. Obviously we're concerned with how well he'll be able to wrap tackle, but it looked like he did that pretty well today. I'm saying no based on his performance in practice.

Q: Can he catch the ball at all?
A: He made some outstanding catches today in practice with his left hand that were just phenomenal. Corey just goes out and plays ball.

Q: Will he have to adjust the way he tackles, maybe go low, or use more shoulder?
A: He better not; he better go knock the hell out of the guy.

Q: Opposite of Corey, is Prince Amukamara your starter on Sunday?
A: Prince will be the starter on Sunday, no doubt, yes.

Q: Osi Umenyiora was saying that sometimes people were blitzing Vick a little more and risking giving up the big play to get hits on him. Is this true in your opinion?
A: I've seen a lot of pressure against the Eagles, I don't know if they're conceding big plays or not. They're a big play offense. When you look at them, they have a lot of playmakers and they spread the ball around a lot, but people have been pressuring them more than when we watch opponents. They normally don't pressure as much, but they've been able to get home.

Q: Did you start that plan last time with Rolle, when you blitzed him nearly every play?
A: I can't say I started that trend, but I think it's a good trend. Thanks guys, I appreciate it.