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Questions, answers about the new site

We have a beautiful new web site here at Big Blue View filled with new features and functionality. Here are answers to many of your questions about the new site.

What is this big graphic at the top?

This is what we call 'The Cover.' Here, you will find what we think are the best, most relevant, stories currently on Big Blue View. The design of this can, and will, change. You may find one story. You may find five. Each is clickable, and takes you to the individual story. If you see in image with a number of 'updates' shown that is a Storystream. More about them later, but for now just know that those are similar stories that are grouped together. See the image below.


Where is the current thread?

Big Blue View, like all SB Nation sites, is no longer a chronological blog where the last thing posted will automatically be the first thing you see. Here is a general guideline for finding the latest content.

The latest story or stories, depending on their significance, may be included in The Cover. Below The cover is what we call 'The River.' That is a lengthy, flowing group of stories that flow down the front page. Image below:


In general, stories will flow down the river in chronological order. That may not always be the case, as there are times when importance will trump when something was posted. Follow the river and you will find posts you haven't seen before.

What is a StoryStream?


The idea behind a StoryStream is to group all items about a similar topic together in one place for easy reading. In the example above, stories directly relating to Giants vs. Eagles are grouped together.

How do I use a StoryStream?

You can click either the main headline at the top of the screen, in this case 'Giants vs. Eagles: NFC East rivals meet Sunday' or the 'updates' link at the bottom, in this case 'ALL 8 UPDATES.' Both will take you to the full stream, shown below.


Click either the headline or the 'Continue' button to go to whichever story in the stream you wish to read. The story appears, along with the links to the other stories in the stream, shown below.


Introducing Event Hubs


NFL games are truly events, and these new 'Hubs' allow us to treat them that way. On the front page you will find a graphic like the one above. Click it and it takes you to a page that is specifically about Giants vs. Eagles. We will use that for StoryStreams, features, game day threads and more. As shown below, these look an awful lot like the front page but with a very narrow focus on a single event or topic.


Why do I land on other sites sometimes?

There is a lot of great content across the more than 300 web sites here at SB Nation. We can't write all of it, not even all of it that relates to the Giants or to the upcoming opponent during the season. What we now have the ability to do is 'port' those stories we believe are relevant to Giants' fans into Big Blue View. The story itself will still reside at the site it originated from, but we can import the headlines and graphics and make them clickable.

Have more questions?

Feel free to ask. I will try to answer, or to modify this to address your questions.