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NFL Week 4 predictions: Mikey's crystal ball

See if Mikey's crystal ball continues to leak fluid or if he can rebound.

Last week, the crystal ball had a crack in it. And it was leaking fluid. After the bleeding stopped, Mikey was left with a scabby, scabby mess. Still, the bad call on Monday night would have been the difference between 5-11 or 4-12. At the same time, I can't imagine anyone having a very good week picking games in Week 3. If you did, more power to you. With that, let's see what the cat dragged in.....

Cleveland at Baltimore--If this was Week 3, the Browns would have won. But it's Week 4, the Browns are still awful, and the ghost of Art Modell will have something to say about this one. And hey, the real refs are back. It's too bad it took the replacements affecting the outcome of a game, but we are happy they're back. Ravens 23, Browns 10

San Francisco at NY Jets--After the Miami game, Rex looked like he won more than a game. He looked like there was a bag of those Cuban sandwiches waiting for him. Seriously, Dan Carpenter hooks one kick and then Philbin calls a timeout that backfires. Of course, losing Revis kind of sucks. The Niners? What was THAT? I suggest that Sanchez wear two helmets on Sunday. Niners 20, Jets 9

Seattle at St. Louis--Okay seriously. The NFC West can stop acting like the NFC East any minute now. Rams 17, Seahawks 16

Carolina at Atlanta--The Panthers get mauled by the Giants and then have to go to Atlanta and run into a buzz saw. Falcons 30, Panthers 23

Minnesota at Detroit--Who are the real Vikings? Who are the real Lions? Will one of you please stand up? Lions 35, Vikings 27

San Diego at Kansas City--Hey Chargers. What was THAT? If you lose like that at home, there is no way I can pick you in KC against a team that hates you. Chiefs 19, Chargers 16

Tennessee at Houston--No miracles this week. Texans 34, Titans 10

New England at Buffalo--I so want to pick Buffalo here, and I so wanna see a ref grab Belichick's hoodie. Patriots 34, Bills 31

Cincinnati at Jacksonville--Suddenly, I'm terrified of playing the Bengals. Bengals 28, Jaguars 14

Oakland at Denver--Hey Raiders, what was THAT? Can you do it again? I don't think so. Broncos 38, Raiders 21

Miami at Arizona--I will say it again--I'm so glad we don't have the Cardinals on the schedule this year. Of course, we might just see them in January if this keeps up. Cardinals 27, Dolphins17

Washington at Tampa Bay--RG3 has the Redskins playing at a different level but somehow they still find ways to lose. I love it. This time, Schiano's Bucs will be in victory formation, and they had better wear extra padding. Bucs 20, Redskins 17

New Orleans at Green Bay--Ouch. The Saints are staring at 0-4 and they can't be happy that the Packers were robbed on Monday night and will be positively pissed off this week. Packers 41, Saints 34

NY Giants at Philadelphia--Ugh, Cris Collinsworth again. You know he's brushing up on the names of the Eagles' players he's going to praise for three hours on Sunday night. Okay, probably four hours the way these games are going. But I got news for you, Philly--your team is a fumbling, intercepting house of cards. Giants 34, Eagles 28

Chicago at Dallas--I just don't trust the Bears on the road or their offensive line. Then again, where has the Cowboys' offense gone? Cowboys 19, Bears 13

Last week: 4-12

Season record: 25-23