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Giants vs. Eagles: Andy Reid backs Michael Vick

Christian Petersen - Getty Images

After Andy Reid's comment at a Monday press conference that he will "evaluate that as we go" as it relates to his team's quarterback situation, there has been widespread speculation as to how long Reid will stick with Michael Vick as his starting quarterback. At his press conference today, Reid tried to quell that speculation.

"Michael's our quarterback," Reid said. "Bad semantics on my part, I guess. Michael's our quarterback."

While questions about Vick's status as starting quarterback increased on Monday, this speculation did not come out of nowhere. Since the beginning of the year, Vick has thrown three touchdowns compared to six interceptions and has fumbled five times, which has led many Eagles fans to question whether Vick is still the right man for the job. Reid knows the turnover issue is something the team and Vick need to fix.

"Well, the turnovers are obviously from fumbles and interceptions. Fumbles, more than interceptions. We just have to keep our leverage, and do a better job," Reid stated.

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All the questions about Vick come on a difficult week for the Eagles, as they prepare to face their NFC East rival and the defending Super bowl champion New York Giants. Reid is well aware of the challenges the Giants present.

"They're playing at a high level. The number of points they're putting on the board. I think Eli's playing very well, the offensive line is playing well, they've got a couple of runners that run hard and aggressive. The tight end is a nice, new addition. The receivers, you can't leave the receivers out. They're good football players," Reid explained.

While their is clearly a lot Reid has on his plate this week, there is for him thankfully one thing he says he does not have to worry about, injuries.

"Did Eli get hurt this week?" Reid joked. "We're ready to go."