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Eli Manning, 09.24.12

Q: How was your weekend?
A: I had a good weekend, so that's the benefit of having a short week for a game is that you get the weekend to rest up and enjoy watching some games on Saturday and Sunday.

Q: Are you hopeful that you get some of your offensive weapons back later in the week?

A: Yeah, you always like to have the guys back, but I figured today guys who were still... didn't play last week are still... no point in rushing back today and have two more days to rest up and hopefully this week we'll have them back. If not, then obviously we have guys who are capable of playing and playing well.

Q: Did you watch the Eagles game yesterday?
A: I did. I watched bits and pieces of it and Arizona played well and they did a good job of moving the ball and playing smart and not turning the ball over and their defense played outstanding also.

Q: When you have one loss in the division, does the next game against a division opponent take on extra importance for you?
A: They're all important. It doesn't matter what your record is, you don't really think about it in those terms. You think, ‘Hey, we've got Philadelphia at Philadelphia.' And it's always a tough environment and they're a great team and we've got to have a great week of preparation, you go out there and know it's going to take four quarters and it's going to take great football to get a win.

Q: Are there any adjustments to be made when you change the personnel on the O-Line?
A: No adjustments for me. We trust all our guys up front to do a great job and to make their blocks and so you have total confidence and my job is to worry about what the secondary is doing, what the blitz is, what checks to get into and then you just have to trust those guys to do their job.