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Fantasy Football, Week 3 Advice

Still need some last-minute advice on setting your Fantasy Football lineups today? Be sure that you turn to SB Nation's Fantasy Football Hub Page for all the last-minute information. Complete Week 3 start/sit advice is just a click away.

If you are playing SB Nation Pick 6 Fantasy Football you can't make any lineup changes today. If you are playing in the official Big Blue View Yahoo! league you certainly can make some adjustments this morning. Incidentally, Mike and I are 2-0 thus far in the 'Big Blue View Wrecking Crew' league. Looks like 'I Have A GIF For Win' could be in trouble today.

By the way, SB Nation is also offering you position-by-position Fantasy Football player rankings and waiver wire advice, all from the aforementioned hub page. So, if you are serious about Fantasy Football, and we know you are, we've got you covered.

Fantasy Football Week 3 - Keepers Sponsored by Sprint (via sbnation)