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Farley's Football Fodder

Good morning Giants fans. I'm gonna come right out and say it--it sure is nice heading into Sunday's action knowing our team has already won its Week 3 game. Not only that, they opened a can of Whoop Ass on the Panthers, despite what Cam Newton might think. Well now, Steve Smith has opened up about how he opened his own can of Whoop Ass on his QB during the game when Cam was sulking after being lifted for Derek Anderson. We know Steve is a hot head (and a chippy player), but I commend him for reacting that way to young Cam. That's surely not going to foster a winning attitude on a team that has Next written all over it.

Speaking of chippy, of course Jeff Fisher's teams are going to play that way. I mean, he brought in resident chipster Cortland Finnegan to piss off opposing wide receivers. (Remember when Andre Johnson beat up on Finnegan? That was awesome). But come on man--death threats to Josh Morgan? We all love this game, but that's what it is at the end of the day--a game.

While we're on this game, how about RG3 using the "B" word when talking about the Rams this past week? Damn, dude. You're two games into your NFL career. You haven't even faced a division rival yet, and trust me, I know at least one division rival that is going to chase you and try to hit you. And one guy who wears Number 90. Just sayin'.

Oh, and RG3 also has the Bucs on his schedule--next week. We already know Tampa coach Greg Schiano is a bully who thinks college rules apply. Here is a great article by Michael Silver talking about how Schiano is widely regarded as a douche. Well, yeah. If you guys read Victor Cruz' book, you know that Cruz was put off by Schiano's attitude toward him when he was glossed over for a possible scholarship at Rutgers. And last week, when Cruz made a big play for a first down early in the game, I'm almost sure he shouted something at Schiano.

Looks like we're going to have replacement refs for a while. Ugh. I can't believe I long for the days of Ron Winter and Mike Carey and Pete Morelli, but I do. Come on Goodell, this is getting stupid. You talk about the integrity of the game all the time. Well, the integrity of the game is suffering a little. I realize the refs could be a lot worse than they have been, but that's a fact that also scares me the longer a deal isn't made.

The NFC West struts its stuff? Are you kidding me? Get back to me around Week 11 when the Niners start to pull away from the other three pretenders. Still, who would have thought the Cards and Eagles would be battling to reach 3-0? Well, at least our team will either be playing for sole possession of first place next Sunday or a tie of first place.

Here is another example of the NFL getting too full of itself. Alex Smith is not allowed to wear a San Francisco Giants' cap during press conferences or he will incur a $15K fine. Wow, that is kind of bogus.

One of the all-time greats, Earl Campbell, is undergoing nerve treatment after doctors ruled out Lou Gehrig's disease. This is an example of how there are more than brain injuries that affect players after their NFL careers.

Speaking of all-time greats, I was really bummed out to hear that NFL Films pioneer Steve Sabol passed away this past week. I didn't even know he was sick. If you guys haven't seen the A Football Life episode with Sabol and his dad, make sure you DVR it the next time it comes on the NFL Network.

For you fantasy geeks, I looked it up--The League on FX premieres Thursday, October 11. If you haven't seen this show yet, trust me when I say it will be your new favorite show.

Here is a "Slam Poem to Bacon" hat you guys have to watch, courtesy of Nick Offerman from Parks and Recreation." And hey, go figure--now, I'm hungry and it's time for breakfast.

I have to give props to someone at another site I read--my boy Kevin Ratterree at The Huddle correctly pointed out how bad the new Cee Lo opening song is to Thursday Night Football. I hadn't seen this abomination until this past Thursday before the Giants/Panthers game. Wow. Cee Lo, you are an extremely talented individual, but you stooped really low here. I don't need you shouting at me, asking me if I love football to know that I love football. No one is ever going to duplicate "Are You Ready for Some Football?" but come on dude--you can try a little harder than that.

I know I'm going to cross an etiquette line or two, but whatever. So last night we were putting our five-year old boy to bed. And I had to fart. So I took a little stuffed Cookie Monster and made it look like Cookie did it and then said to my kid in his Cookie Monster voice, "Me farted!" My kid literally rolled on the bed laughing, but it gets better. He grabbed Cookie and tried to re-enact my childishness. Luckily, he didn't poop the bed trying to fart, but him trying then cracked me up, all the while as my wife was live blogging the action on Facebook. What a family I have.

Enjoy the games this weekend, fellas. We're 2-1 baby!