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Marvin Austin, 09.21.12

Q: How do you feel coming off of yesterday's game?
A: My body is feeling great. My body is doing really well. I'm glad that I'm feeling this way.

Q: You feel like you kind of crossed over something yesterday?
A: Of course. I'm an NFL player now. I'm happy, happy to just be out there and getting a chance to run around, getting an opportunity and it was just fun to know that my name was going to be called.

Q: Did you feel rusty?
A: I didn't feel rusty. I don't feel as good as I will be. I don't feel as good as where my work ethic will take me, but it was my first real football game against an unorthodox offense. The offense that they run is not like any other in the league. Not many teams run that offense, so I think I handled it very well.

Q: What was the first snap you were in there for?
A: The first two plays I was in there was a passing play and I didn't really get off the ball that fast because I was focused on making sure I played the run and making sure because I knew they ran a lot of plays side to side and their blocking scheme was one guy messes up, it's 99 yards to a touchdown and I didn't want to be that guy, so I was like, ‘The one thing they're not gonna do is run the ball here.' And then as the game went on and as we gained the lead a little more, I got more comfortable with going out and rushing and stuff like that.

Q: How did it compare to what you expected?
A: It was everything I expected and more, just getting out there and running around, having the uniform on, being on the road... We are a road team, so going on the road and being able to perform and obviously the performance that the offense was putting out, it was definitely something special, so it was just like it was going to be a good night, so why not go out there and enjoy it.