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Ramses Barden, 09.21.12

Q: How do you feel coming off yesterday's performance?
A: I feel okay. I'm so excited that we won. I got a chance to watch some more of the film and see how much of a team win it was and from the line getting so much push and getting guys out on the screens. I didn't get a chance to really watch Andre run, but watching it on film, he's running so hard and with so much passion, it's really encouraging and inspiring.

Q: How did you find ways to get so open?
A: Great play calls. Coach did an outstanding job of preparing in the short week and just being prepared for some of the things that we were expecting and we found ways to take advantage of them. Eli was surgical as usual and we feel like it was so much effort to do the right thing by so many people that it made my job easier.

Q: Do you think from what you did last night the coaches are going to try and get you on the field more?
A: Obviously I would like as many opportunities as possible. We've got a talented group. We've got an All-Pro group, a guy coming back and already one with Victor, so obviously those are our guys and where I can fill in, I'm happy to and I want as many chances as I can, but I want what helps us win.

Q: What do you think about you and Andre's performance?
A: I think it just adds to our depth, it adds to our strength as a team to know that regardless of the position, there's depth there. If somebody goes down, we can fill in or you can game plan for another person. There's different ways to attack different defenses and force them into making some tough decisions on double teams and who they might bracket or where they're going to show their attention to, so that's really what I hope I can bring to this offense.

Q: Talk about the hug with Eli.
A: I just wanted really to express my appreciation and gratitude for Eli's trust and faith in me throughout the game to keep coming my way. I'd like to think that if he's gonna give me a chance, I want to do my best to carry or help him achieve what he's trying to achieve, so if we're moving the ball down the field and he trusts me enough to throw my way, then I need to do my job and come down with it.

Q: Do you think it could take longer than three years to reach your potential?
A: I hope so, but I mean... Great isn't what I'm thinking, it's win. We had a tough win last week. We had a strong performance as a team yesterday and it's just things that we want to build. I think the rest of this stuff will play itself out and guys will get the attention and their opportunities, but as long as the effort is there throughout, we'll win games and that's the primary focus. We want to get back to where we were last year. We finished so great and we have a decent start, but we don't want to have to depend on that finish ability, that fourth quarter, that end of the season, we want to be able to sustain and play well throughout the season.