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Tom Coughlin, 09.21.12

Q: Any injury updates?
A: On?

Q: Hosley?
A: No, they were all over at HSS (Hospital for Special Surgery) this morning. He has a hamstring. What can I tell you?

Q: What about Corey Webster?
A: He can play with it. He can play with it.

Q: How much does that kind of hand injury and protective covering affect your ability at cornerback?
A: He has great hands. He really does. He can probably catch as well as some guys with two with one. He's talented. He's very talented in that way. I think naturally it will be cumbersome to him a little bit. You saw how he was really forced to tackle last night, I don't know if he'll be able to wrap it. He still gets them down and his presence out there is very important to us. I'm thinking he will be okay.

Q: Did you see the play that he was injured on?
A: You know I don't know which one it was. I never really got that information. All I know is when they said he's going in for an x-ray and then he came right back out.

Q: That was a pretty perfect game, what did you think?
A: Well to me, I told the team this morning, I think that as you play the games you get better. I've always thought that, and I feel that way about this team as well. It may not be the way you want it to be, it's kind of moved in that direction. I thought the focus was outstanding last week. We were teaching Thursday morning. We weren't through with our complete week in terms of our preparation, we were teaching on Thursday morning. We had meetings Thursday morning; we had meetings, of course, Wednesday night, the normal meetings. I thought the guys handled all of that stuff very, very well. Their focus was outstanding. I think the way in which the pieces all fit together was really sharp because offensively we knew we had to keep their offense off the field and we demonstrated it in the first half, 19 minutes and 25 seconds time of possession. It was extremely beneficial to the outcome of the game obviously. You're right; you're never as good as you think you are, nor as bad. We looked at the tape and we did, I think, a good job explaining everything to the players. We assess things on a winning percentage and we go play by play. We have a ways to go; we have a ways to go.

Q: When so many people step up, how does that reinforce a "total team" attitude?
A: That's what it's all about. We were able to turn to some guys who were very anxious for their opportunities. They had put themselves in position where they prepared well. You never know when it's going to come, and it did come for a couple of guys last night, and they responded very, very well. It does reinforce that team concept and it's a great example for everyone that's sitting in that room that preparation and opportunity meet, and you're going to get a chance at some point to prove what you can do. I thought it was an outstanding example for everybody.

Re: Recent history of contributions from first round picks and how Andre Brown's success may impact David Wilson's advancement?
A: Again, the pressure, it better be there. It is there, a guy that is taken in the first round, much is expected. That's the way it is. David is going to have many opportunities. There is no assessment of what David is doing vs. what Andre is doing. David's contribution is going to be such. There's a little bit more to go in terms of his learning curve. As he continues to do that and develop, he's going to have to take his place here. In our history here, it's been, not one, you're always in need of at least two (running backs). And one year that we had a lot of success, we had three.

Q: Are you surprised when guys step up, given your motto of "next man up?"
A: Am I surprised a little bit? I'm not surprised about the quality of their contribution. Their numbers? Maybe. I even think we left a couple plays on the field that we could've had too. Each one of those guys could've contributed to, and they added more. As far as them preparing themselves, and not being big-eyed, wanting the opportunity, going and doing it for our team, that was very gratifying.

Q: Does it sometimes take four years to develop at wide receiver?
A: Well, the curve is different for everybody. It does in some cases take time, other situations, people come in and grasp it faster and they go with it. It's different by individual.

Q: What was the deal with Hakeem, not wanting to play two games in five days?
A: No, no. It's a little close. You needed to have the extra time.

Q: Another long wait, but this time it's coming off a win, what are your thoughts?
A: It's a little easier to regroup, but what we have coming, we're excited about that. We're excited about having a little bit of time here for the guys to rest. It's been a very unusual, let's put it that way, stretch here from game one on. Something that, as I mentioned last night, I thought we did a good job last week of talking about a great opportunity for us. It was a positive thing, and our guys accepted it that way. The benefit of that being, if we win, we get a couple of days off, but come Monday, they'll be excited to get going again. We're all looking forward to watching.

Q: How does Eli make it possible for these other guys to make the plays they do?
A: It's a continuous working operation on the field. We were four receivers, even though last week was much different, and we didn't have a lot of full-speed work, but the numbers were such that the attention was going to go to a very few number of guys. He's very positive with them and very much encouraging. As he said Thursday morning to the group, once we finish our work, they all come together, and he said, "There are many big play people in this room, and the opportunities will come."

Q: If you played right now, would you catch a few touchdowns from Eli?
A: Probably. Although they'd have to slow the game down A LOT.

Q: Will Ahmad be available for the Eagles game?
A: I have no idea there. He's going to have to pass the doctor's like the rest of them. I'm thinking he will. He's a tough guy.

Q: How did Prince look last night?
A: He did ok; he did well for what...He hadn't played in awhile. The play over the middle was a good play; it was a good football play. I think that's going to encourage him.

Q: Teammates said he showed some "fire" on that penalty, what did you think?
A: I would've preferred the fire to be shown in other ways.

Q: Was it a penalty?
A: Let's not start down that road again. You can, you can. You can do it all you want.

Q: Thoughts on Rolle being injured running into a camera:
A: I kind of looked at Ray Anderson, and I said, we're so concerned about player safety, can't we do something about this. Can't we get people away from the sideline enough for a guy going as fast as he was going , flying through the air, that he doesn't put his knee into a camera. I think that's something that we can do something about. We ought to be able to clear the playing field so a guy can play. Thank goodness he's not really...I don't think he's going to miss any time. He's not like that anyway. He'll play with whatever, but it didn't have to happen.

Q: You know well how fast those plays can come up on you...
A: No question, that's why you have to get back.

Q: What was Mr. Anderson's response?
A: It was just in passing. Ray was going one way and I was going the other way and I was upset because I just left a player on the ground. My player is laying there and I don't think he's coming back in this game.

Q: Should Hakeem be able to go for Week 4?
A: We'll see. We'll see.

Q: Are there any startling revelations in the "A Football Life" show?
A: (laughs) I don't think so. I haven't seen it, Hanlon has seen it.
Hanlon: Judy Coughlin is a star.
A: As usual.

Q: They're making those RIT players look like stars...
A: These guys are something else.

Q: They were what, three years younger than you?
A: Some of them were... I was 22-23. They were like "get over here!" Yeah, who are you?

Q: Does this group of receivers have the chance to be mentioned among the league's best?
A: I would hope so, that's what they're here for. The more the merrier.

Q: Is there a place for Ramses and Andre even when the starters return?
A: I think there's a place for everybody. It's a long stretch. That's being proven right now. In the third game of the year.

Q: Have you ever had to convince Eli to go back to guys who drop the ball?
A: No, he shows a lot of determination to continue to spread the ball around. He may talk to a guy, he may visit with him, he may walk off the practice field with him, that type of thing, but by in large, he continues to not be affected by that in any way. He's a guy that's going to give someone a second and third chance.

Q: Does he make people around him better?
A: Absolutely. Leaders are lifters. He lifts them all up. Everyone plays better.

Q: Does he do more changing at the line of scrimmage now than when he first came in the league?
A: We've always given him a lot. A lot of stuff. He's very cerebral. He's seen so much of it. He's always been given, since his first year here, a lot of control of the game from a cerebral standpoint.

Q: Have you ever heard him say that he doesn't recognize a defense?
A: No. I've never heard him say that. He gets fooled every once in awhile, everybody gets fooled. People are pretty good at disguise. Last night they were pretty good. He gets a feeling for the rhythm of the disguise and the way it's going.

Q: Did Keith Rivers go to HSS?
A: Yes, hamstring, what do you want me to tell you?

Q: The offensive line did a good job with the pass protection last night:
A: Well, that's the goal. That's what you're trying to accomplish and you've got outstanding rotational pass-rushers and real fast linebacker blitzers and pretty good job.