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NFL Week 3 Predictions: Mikey's Crystal Ball

So hey, it usually takes me a week or two to get into form, but I'm not going to let 13-3 go to my head, because I will probably be 8-8 this week. If you want serious professional pick advice, check out the SB Nation NFL Odds Page. If you want to see what Mikey thinks and laugh a little, keep it here.

NY Giants at Carolina--I have a client who is a Niners fan. I told him how I couldn't believe how the Giants' passing offense now resembles that of those great Joe Montana Niners' teams and Air Coryell Chargers' teams, and that it keeps them in any game despite the fact their defense can be a sieve. Well, look for another shootout tonight, with young Cam Newton losing to old man Eli. Giants 40, Panthers 37

Jacksonville at Indianapolis--Don't look now, the Colts and their prize No. 1 pick Andrew Luck are competitive. At least against crappy teams like the Vikings and Jags. Colts 27, Jaguars17

Buffalo at Cleveland--The battle of Lake Erie. And a game you couldn't pay me to watch. Browns 20, Bills16

NY Jets at Miami--Was that Jets' offensive explosion in Week 1 a fluke? Yes. Was Reggie Bush's offensive explosion in Week 2 a fluke. My fantasy team hopes not. Dolphins 23, Jets 20

Kansas City at New Orleans--The Saints are in danger of starting the season 0-3, but does anyone believe that will happen? Saints 31, Chiefs 14

Cincinnati at Washington--This is a tough one to pick. The Bengals are mediocre, but the Skins under Shanahan either blow us away by upsetting good teams or losing to bad ones. Apparently RG3 is pretty good, so I'm going to reluctantly give them the home win. Redskins 26, Bengals 23

Detroit at Tennessee--I just took the milk out of the fridge and right there on the side of the carton was Chris Johnson's career. Seriously, how does any running back fall off a fantasy cliff like that? Lions 37, Titans 20

San Francisco at Minnesota--The Niners are pretty good. The Vikings are not. By the way, has Brandon Jacobs carried the ball yet? Niners 23, Vikings 7

St. Louis at Chicago--Memo to Brandon Marshall. Don't let Cortland Finnegan get in your head. My heart is pulling me to the Rams but I can't pull the trigger on the upset. Bears 17, Rams 14

Tampa Bay at Dallas--Whether or not you like Greg Schiano or not, he has the Bucs playing at a much higher level than in 2011. Cowboys 31, Bucs 27

Atlanta at San Diego--This sure is a tough week to pick games. The Falcons are looking better than I thought they would out of the gate, but so are the Chargers. Chargers 28, Falcons 27

Philadelphia at Arizona--I sure am glad we're not playing the Cardinals this year. Cardinals 27, Eagles 26

Pittsburgh at Oakland--Sometimes you gotta just pick the upset. Or not. Steelers 19, Raiders 16

Houston at Denver--You know the Texans are relishing a shot at Peyton Manning again now that they are legit. Broncos 34, Texans 31

New England at Baltimore--Hey Hoodie, what was THAT? At least the Ravens know what it's like to miss a game-winning kick. Patriots 30, Ravens 23

Green Bay at Seattle--It took three weeks for MNF to start giving us crappy match ups. What, they couldn't put the Buffalo/Cleveland game on here? Packers 38, Seahawks 28

Last week: 13-3 | Season record: 21-11