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Tom Coughlin, 09.02.12

Q: Hakeem sat out today?
Coughlin: Sore.

Q: Is he someone that you’re going to have to manage?
Coughlin: I would imagine.

Q: Brewer’s back acted up again?
Coughlin: No. This is about what it is. He comes out and does a few things and that’s about it.

Q: Austin was back on the field practicing today?

Coughlin: Not really. He was out there in full uniform. Did some individual, but that was it.

Q: That’s progress for him though.
Coughlin: He did fall down once and I was glad to see him get up and he seemed to be okay.

Q: Talk a little bit about the build the bridge concept and what that means to your team?

Coughlin: ‘Build the Bridge’ means to carry over all the good things that happened at the end of the season last year over into the new season. The qualities that allowed us to go forward and win the World Championship and some of those would be during the course of the last six games we gave up 14 points. We only had one turnover. Our special teams made a strong contribution. We rushed the ball better. Those types of things.

Q: How has Hakeem looked coming back?
Coughlin: He gets a little bit more each day and he feels good about it.

Q: Do you expect Hakeem to go tomorrow?
Coughlin: I would think so. He looked like once he got out here and he was moving around on the grass, he looked a little friskier. Looked like he was going to do a couple of things.

Q: You guys have beaten the Cowboys six of the last eight games. Is there anything you can take from that when you go into the game?
Coughlin: Just hard fought games. Every game is a tough game. Seems to go pretty close to the wire. On the 17th week last year was a little bit of an exception, but every game is a battle. These two teams play each other hard and they’re two talented teams that are very physical and that’s the way these games always are.

Q: How improved is their secondary?

Coughlin: Well, it looks to be they’ve made a strong statement about what they want to do back there and they’ve acquired two players, one through the draft, one through free agency. They’ve also named another player that they have on their team as a safety, so they’ve made a strong statement about that and they played well in preseason.

Q: Given the injuries to your secondary, what does it mean to have Corey Webster back there?
Coughlin: He’s been a guy that’s been very, very solid, very reliable, very dependable back there and he lends a lot of experience and leadership to that group back there.

Q: You didn’t get to see a lot of DeMarco Murray in person last year.
Coughlin: I was close enough to the field. Thank you for reminding me. I thought maybe the indigestion would go away.

Q: How much did their offense change when he was out of the lineup?

Coughlin: Didn’t change at all, but he’s a quality, quality running back and when you see him play in preseason then you again realize how good he is. Good player.

Q: How is Hosley doing?
Coughlin: He seems to be doing well. He seems to be a guy that is anxious to play and is willing to put up with some discomfort in order to do that.

Q: Beatty’s back is holding up pretty well?
Coughlin: Beatty gets a few snaps every day and he’s done pretty well with it. Again, I always have to be in reserve when it’s something like that. We’ll see how he is the next morning and that type of thing, but he’s working hard at it and he’s got a program that he’s on and it seems to have worked and helped.

Q: D.J. Jones, you brought him in?
Coughlin: Yes, he failed the physical.

Q: Are you going to go 52 until next week?

Coughlin: We’ll see about that.

Q: How would you evaluate Michael Coe’s preseason?
Coughlin: Well, the other night, when he’s had the chance to play, he’s played well.