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Antrel Rolle, 09.18.12

Q: One of the keys to last year's turnaround was eliminating the big plays against. That's something that you need to start doing this year, right?
A: I think we definitely need to get better at eliminating the big plays. Winning those one-on-one matchups, attacking the ball while it's in the air, and capitalizing on every opportunity.

Q: What's the short week like with the way you're preparing? On the road, against that offense, which is a little bit different.
A: Everything is a little bunched up. Coach Coughlin has done a good job keeping our layers under us. Making sure that we're still getting the mental reps, as well as the full go reps. Make sure that we're still intact.

Q: What are the biggest challenges, when it comes to a short week like this?
A: I think it's more mental than anything. You just have to string everything together. Preparation, taking care of your body, and things of that nature. Make sure that you're ready to go for Thursday.

Q: Is it easier when you're coming off of a win, like you had on Sunday?
A: Yeah. That's always good. That's always a plus in this league. Getting ready for a Thursday, after a win, especially of that magnitude. It was a much needed win. That's the way that we look at it around here. We're not going with our heads hanging low, worried about it's a Thursday. They played on Sunday as well. No team is at an advantage.

Q: It's a pretty big challenge for them (the Giants' defensive line), with Cam Newton. He's about as good as it gets when it comes to getting out of the pocket, and making things happen.
A: He's a phenomenal athlete. He's a great kid, and he'll present different challenges for us. We have to get our motors running. It's going to be a long game, a long 60 minutes.

Q: A lot of us watched Monday Night Football. The day after, the officiating was the big topic. You guys are the next game in the national spotlight. Are you concerned?
A: No. I've never concerned myself with any officiating. Sometimes, you're going to win them. Sometimes, you're going to lose them. That's just the way it goes in this league. The second you start getting caught up on that, the second your game goes away.