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Hakeem Nicks, 09.18.12

Q: Is there something special about playing in your hometown?
A: Always, especially when it's your hometown. That's where you grew up and then all your family wants to come see you play.

Q: Was that always a dream growing up, playing in the NFL and playing in front of your family?
A: Always, always a dream. Last time I played there was the preseason game last year, so it really wasn't a lot of playing time, so this year is a full game. I'm definitely looking forward to it.

Q: In a perfect world, what would be the best game?
A: It's contribute to the offense the best way possible. Do whatever I've got to do to get the job done.

Q: What are the biggest challenges with the short week?
A: It's just getting your body back ready. They've got to do it, too, so we're not the only team that's doing it. It's just going to be a dogfight, it's going to be a battle and we look forward to it.

Q: How are you feeling?
A: I'm feeling pretty good. Just got to keep taking it day by day and tomorrow should feel a little bit better and then Thursday will be game time.

Q: What did you do today?
A: I did some treatments and therapy. I did some cardio in the training room and in the weight room.

Q: Were you a Panther fan growing up?
A: Certain players. I was a fan of certain players. I can't lie; I was a Steve Smith fan. Being in Charlotte, I was. I was a Panthers fan.