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Tom Quinn, 09.18.12

Q: Domenik has been out, how do you assess the punt return situation?
A: Well, we had Rueben go last week. He did some good things, caught the ball precisely on his returns. We also have Jernigan and Hosley, so if Domenik's down, we'll have one of those three.

Q: Special teams seem to be the most intricate, roles wise. Are you concerned about the way that some of these games have been officiated with guys who don't have as much experience as the regular refs?
A: It's just an experience thing, a rep thing, and they're getting better. It's consistent. So, that's all you can ask for.

Q: Are you satisfied with the job Rueben did?
A: Rueben? Yeah. We had the penalty, which cost us a 45 yard return. He's been good, so far.

RE: David Wilson and returning kicks
A: He's explosive. He's always working on his catch mechanics. If we can block it clean for him, he's got a chance to get some good returns.

Q: He said about a week ago, "I'm going to break one."
A: He's got to do all of the little things. Then, the big things will come. He's been progressing.