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Reasons To Celebrate: Fourth Quarters


There are plenty of reasons to celebrate the first victory of the 2012 NFL season, but the biggest reason to celebrate as Giants fans is that football games in the NFL last four quarters.

Imagine if football was played over three quarters. The New York Giants might be one of the worst teams in the league, but somehow, someway Mr. Hyde goes away in the fourth quarter and Eli Manning comes alive.

Just how good was the New York Giants offense in the quarter of yesterday's game? In the last three possessions the Giants had the ball, excluding the final kneel down, the Giants offense accumulated 235 yards of offense and scored three touchdowns. All but 11 of those yards (the final two runs by Andre Brown) were passing yards. (Based on my own quick math from the NFL play by play...quote stat with caution)

Fourth quarters are good to Eli Manning and good for the Giants.

Manning has an astounding 140.2 quarterback rating in the early part of the season and a 156.2 rating when the Giants are within seven points. No matter how bad the Giants look the first 45 minutes of a game, the fourth quarter will bring some success.

There are other reasons to celebrate, like the fact that the Giants have one of the most dynamic wide receiver duos in the league. Hakeem Nicks and Victor Cruz were terrific in Sunday's game. Cruz caught 11 balls (cleanly!) and totaled 179 yards, Hakeem Nicks topped Cruz's performance with 10 receptions for 199 yards. Martellus Bennett overcome a few drops to make a huge play at the end of the game (pick him up for your fantasy teams if you haven't already).

Andre Brown reminded us that running backs can plow straight ahead for four yards at a time and punch the defense in the mouth.

When the Giants are on defense I often find myself celebrating with three letters throughout the game -- JPP. (I blocked out the rest of the players on defense...what happened?)

Whatever your reason to celebrate is, keep it short. There's more work to be done with a game looming against the Carolina Panthers on Thursday.