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Victor Cruz, Post-Game 09.16.12

Q: How did it feel to have a great game coming off of last week and coming off of what you've been through?
A: It felt good. It felt good to be back out there making some plays, converting some third downs, and moving the chains for my team.

Q: What was going through your mind as you did the salsa dance?
A: First, it was make to sure I'm doing this right so my grandmother is proud. Secondly, it was an honor to be there as a representation of her. I felt like she was with me. Right as I was done, I kind of looked up and held my hands up to her letting her know that one was for her. It was a great feeling. I was glad more so that we got the win, but I was glad I was able to do the salsa for her.

Q: Was it difficult to play under these circumstances?
A: Not really. Once you step on the field, you know it's time to take care of business. It's always there in the back of your mind. You're thinking about it. You understand that it's something that's going to be on your mind throughout the game. But, you try to block it out. You try to take care of your business and understand what your team needs you to do to perform. You just play through it.

Q: How fun is it to play in a second half like this?
A: For me, it's fun. It's pressure, obviously, because we're down and we need to win and we need to score. For me, I know we're going to throw it a bunch and we're going to have to convert some big plays. I was just happy to make some of those plays for my team, really stretch the field, and just get open for Eli.

Q: Knowing how Hakeem's foot is, how proud of him were you?
A: I'm proud of him. That's a guy that's been through injuries. Not just one, but a few things throughout his career. For him to come out like that and play through a foot that was bothering him fresh off of surgery... I'm just inspired by his play. It inspires me to go out there and play even better and more inspired football because that guy, right there, he's definitely battling through some things and still fighting for it.

Q: Aside from catching the ball today, what was different today from the Dallas game?

A: We had to fight. We were down a ton. We just had to fight every down. Every possession was crucial. Every time we had the football, we had to make sure we took care of it. This week there was a lot of pressure. Last week it was a matter of it being a big game, a pressure game. First out the gate, we came out a little rusty. This one, we knew we had to win it and we had to play our best. We did that today.

Q: Did you feel more focused?

A: Yeah, I felt focused. I spent a lot more time, more than I usually do, in meeting rooms and watching films at home, just making sure that I knew everything that was going to come at me during this game. I felt like I conquered that. I felt like nothing was a surprise for me. I responded well.