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New York Giants News And Notes: Sense Of Urgency Edition

Good morning, New York Giants fans! Here is your Friday morning notebook.

Giants coach Tom Coughlin was asked Thursday if his players had picked up on the sense of urgency he obviously feels about Sunday's game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

"They pretty much got it. They're right on. We talked all week about playing and practicing better, having better energy, having a sense of urgency about getting our football right, right now, as I say it," Coughlin said. "I think they've got the message." [Full transcript]

Offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride said Thursday that replacing wide receiver Mario Manningham is still a work in progress.

"We're looking for that guy to make the big plays when they load up on everybody else, when they're doubling Vic (Cruz) and Hakeem (Nicks), then someone needs to win for you, and it has to be the tight end or the third wide receiver or the back. We've been fortunate when we've played real well to have that third guy step up. It was Mario last year, the last five-six games when he was healthy, and through the playoffs made a lot of big plays for us, and made the most of the opportunities when they were presented to him because of Hakeem and Victor," Gilbride said. "We're waiting. I thought Domenik (Hixon), the few chances we gave him, he made some plays for us and we had an opportunity for another touchdown. His part, he fulfilled what we needed from that position. We just need more from the rest of the positions, that's what we're looking for." [Full transcript]

Defensive coordinator Perry Fewell admitted Thursday that right now he isn't sure who will line up at cornerback opposite Corey Webster on Sunday for the Giants.

"I can't answer that question right now. Prince (Amukamara) has practiced this week. Michael (Coe) has practiced this week. It will be a game day thing. We'll have to talk to the trainers and Tom (Coughlin) will have to make that call," Fewell said. "We're practicing with all hands on deck right now, but again, we have another day of practice, so you never know what comes out of this third day of practice." [Full transcript]

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