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Osi Umenyiora, 09.13.12

Q: How bothersome is it that the ends had no sacks and no hits on the quarterback in Week 1?
A: It’s more bothersome that we lost the game. I think if we would’ve won then I think things would’ve been different, but we lost and we didn’t get to the quarterback, so we’re not going to make a big deal out of it. It’s been a lot of games where we didn’t get sacks. We’re just going to focus on trying our best to get to the quarterback this week.

Q: There haven’t been many games where you haven’t got hits either at all.
A: Right.

Q: There’s usually something there.
A: You’ve got to give Dallas credit. They did a good job and we’ll just respond.

Q: Did they game plan to get the ball out of Romo’s hands right away?

A: Yea. They did a lot of that, but that’s still no excuse. We still have to find a way to get there, no matter what.

Q: How motivated is this defense to have a better showing on Sunday?

A: Very motivated. We all know we have to play better. We know we’re a better defense than when we went out there and played. We didn’t execute. We’re coached better than that and we’re going to play better than that Sunday.

Q: How was Perry this week?

A: Perry is always Perry. He’s a great coach and he was honest the way he’s always been. I don’t think he was any more hard on us this week than he was the week before, so that’s the way he is. He’s the same way the whole time and we can appreciate that.

Q: What specifically has to be fixed?

A: Well, specifically in this past game, they were getting the ball out quick and we knew that, so we should’ve done a better job of getting our hands up. We weren’t going to be able to get to the quarterback in a lot of those situations, so we should’ve got our hands up and tried to knock the ball down, but we were pressing. A lot of times we were making the inside moves and he was escaping the pocket and making plays that way and we recognized that and we were told that we just didn’t execute. This week it’s the same situation. I just think that we’ll be more prepared for it.

Q: Freeman is not a get rid of the ball quick kind of guy.

A: Actually he is. Last year he wasn’t, but the week we saw him against Carolina, he was throwing the ball quick. He wasn’t holding the ball too much.

Q: So Sully is having a big impact on him.

A: Of course. You know Sully. They’re going to be prepared. They’re going to have all types of things ready for us because he’s been around us, so he knows what we’re all about. I don’t think he’s gonna just sit back there in the pocket and be a sitting target. I’m thinking he’s going to do some things to try to take a lot of the pressure off of him, but if we get the game in our favor, I think we’ll do a pretty good job of rushing the passer.

Q: Does that mean you get a steady diet of Martin early?
A: Yea, of course. Obviously they have a good defense, a very physical and aggressive defense. They’re gonna run the ball, try to keep the sticks in their favor, keeping third and short situations and if that’s the case, we’re not going to be able to rush the way we’re accustomed to, but if we get them in a situation where it’s a third and long or if we can really pin our ears back, then that’s exactly what we’ll do.

Q: What do you expect from yourself, JPP and Tuck this Sunday?
A: Well it’s all of us, all our defensive lineman. Obviously Rocky and Linval played an excellent last game. Me, JPP and Tuck are going to compete, but I’m not gonna just limit it to us three. I think all of us on the D-Line are going to compete against each other.

Q: The stuff you said for Sully, does that go for Bill Sheridan, too?
A: Absolutely. We were around Bill for a long time, so he knows us very, very well. I don’t think he knows this defense because he wasn’t in this defense that we’re playing right now, but offensively he knows what Coach Gilbride is going to run, so it’s going to be an outstanding game one way or another. It’s two teams who know each other very well and it’s going to be a battle.

Q: What’s it like going against a former coach?
A: I think we just want to win. We know Sully. Sully knows what we’re about. We don’t have to try to prove anything to him. He was here, so we’re just hoping for a great game and hopefully we’ll come out with a W.