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Fantasy Football statrt/sit advice, Week 2

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Greetings fellow fantasy geeks. I'd like to start with a reminder to visit the SB Nation Fantasy Football page, and then I'd like to point out that last week in my "crazy predictions," I said this: "Adrian Peterson, coming back from a devastating injury in 2011, will run for 100 yards and 2 TDs against the Jags at home." Okay, so he only had 84 yards and 2 scores, but hey, not bad, right? Okay, I won't pat myself on the back any more. Let's talk about some players to watch in Week 2.....

Mikey's Week 2 Faves

Aaron Rodgers, QB, Green Bay--I think Rodgers may put up 5 TDs against the Bears on Thursday. Just a hunch

Ryan Fitzpatrick, QB, Buffalo--I know, I know. He looked like he couldn't see through his beard against the Jets. But he's not that bad, and if Matt Ryan can do what he did to the Chiefs in KC, Fitz is going to light up KC in Buffalo.

Tom Brady, QB, New England--This is a gut feeling. I realize Brady's shoulder was smashed into the turf in Nashville, but he always comes back from stuff like that. And he doesn't want Stevan Ridley to be the main attraction, does he?

Adrian Peterson, RB, Minnesota--What, you think that was just a fluke in Week 1? Come on man, he's Adrian Freaking Peterson.

Benjarvis Green-Ellis, RB, Cincinnati--He held his own against the Ravens on Monday night, so at home against the Browns, Law Firm should be good for, what, 300 yards and 4 TDs?

Doug Martin, RB, Tampa Bay--I hope I'm wrong, but I think the Giants may have trouble stopping this young speedster.

Dwayne Bowe, WR, Kansas City--Yeah, I know, he was invisible last weekend. Which is why I like Bowe in Buffalo in Week 2, especially after seeing that the Chiefs had no answer for Jets' big man Stephen Hill.

Julio Jones, WR, Atlanta--I had this kid last year and he showed flashes of brilliance. This year he's going to show flashes of what he showed last week against KC all year, and I am annoyed that I didn't try harder to draft him.

Brandon Pettigrew, TE, Detroit--Matthew Stafford will also have to get rid of the ball quickly as Eli Manning did against the Niners last year, and Stafford is a reliable target and safety valve.

Alex Henery, K, Philadelphia--I think this will be a low scoring game, possibly with a lot of field goals, and in this case I favor the home team's kicker a little more.

Fantasy Football Week Two - Keepers Sponsored by Sprint (via sbnation)

Mikey's Week 2 Duds

Matt Schaub, QB, Houston--For whatever reason, Jacksonville is a black hole for the Texans, and they don't light it up like they do at home.

Robert Griffin III, QB, Washington--Don't think Mike Shanahan won't start Rex Grossman this week. Seriously, he's going to come back to earth against a D that gave Matt Stafford fits.

Russell Wilson, QB, Seattle--That Dallas D was a different D than last year's D. And Wilson looked awful against the Cardinals, so the 12th man won't help much against that D.

Shonn Greene, RB, NY Jets--There is no way Greene repeats his solid showing against Buffalo this week in Pittsburgh. Just no way.

Blaine Gabbert, QB, Jacksonville--Two words- JJ Watt.

DeMaryius Thomas, WR, Denver--Did you hear from Dwayne Bowe or any Chiefs' receiver last week? Nope, and you won't hear much from Thomas in the Georgia Dome.

AJ Green, WR, Cincinnati--Joe Haden was awesome against DeSean Jackson last week, and he will limit what AJ Green does this week too.

Mikey's Week 2 Sleepers

Matthew Stafford, QB, Detroit--Halfway through the Niners/Packers game, Aaron Rodgers had pretty lame stats. But then sure as the sun rises each morning, Rodgers came alive and made the game close, even against a tough 49ers' D. On Sunday, the Niners will build up a lead and Stafford will be forced to throw, and since no one can defend Calvin Johnson, Stafford will find him for enough yardage to move the fantasy needle a bit.

Victor Cruz, WR, NY Giants--Did you read his book? He bounces back, he always does, and you may see the same Cruz we all loved when he first came into our lives against the Jets in 2010. The Bucs' pass rush was brutal against Cam Newton, so if they come after Eli Manning, he'll look for Cruz and Martellus Bennett a lot.

Mikey's Week 2 Deep Sleepers

Donald Brown, RB, Colts--Andrew Luck can't possibly throw 45 times every week, so the Colts may try to control the clock a bit against the Vikings. This is strictly a Mikey's Gut Feeling.

Mikey's Week 2 Crazy Predictions

Tony Romo, his confidence flying high, will be spooked in the place he muffed holding on a field goal attempt a few years ago, and throw four picks against the Seahawks. We can only hope, right?

Matt Prater will kick a 64-yard field goal in the dome in Atlanta, after which he will reveal a porn stache he drew on his face with a magic marker a la David Akers.