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Week 2 NFL Predictions: Mikey's Crystal Ball

It's always rough picking the first week's games. You just never know who is going to come to play and who isn't, and there are always some weird upsets, like the Redskins beating the Saints in the dome. I mean, seriously? Here are Mikey's picks for Week 2, and you might also wander over to the SB Nation NFL Odds page if point spreads are your thing, if you know what I mean.

Chicago at Green Bay -- First the Packers lose to the Giants at home in the playoffs after going 15-1 last season. Then the NIners come in and spoil their 2012 home opener. Me thinks Mike McCarthy, Aaron Rodgers and Charles Woodson are pissed, and they will take it out on the Bears. Clay Matthews may meet up with Jay Cutler in the backfield just a few times. Packers 40, Bears 20

Minnesota at Indianapolis -- The stage is set for Andrew Luck's first NFL win--home game against a team they can beat. That is, unless Adrian Peterson keeps playing like he did on Sunday. Colts 20, Vikings 17

Arizona at New England -- The stage is set for the Patriots to score a lot of points. Patriots 45, Cardinals 10

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New Orleans at Carolina -- If RG3 can dominate the Saints in New Orleans, what will Cam do against them in Carolina? Panthers 31, Saints 27

Houston at Jacksonville -- The Texans have a beast pass rusher in JJ Watt, a beast RB in Arian Foster and the beast who is back in Andre Johnson. Look out. Texans 28, Jaguars 14

Tampa Bay at NY Giants -- There is no way the Bucs look as good as they did on Sunday, and no way the Giants look as bad as they did last Wednesday. Right? Right??? Giants 24, Bucs 20

Cleveland at CIncinnati -- Should the Browns have gone for two against the Eagles to go up 17-10 instead of 16-10, setting up a potential OT situation? It was early 4th quarter, but they had to know they wouldn't score again and the Eagles would. I mean, even I knew that. Bengals 30, Browns 17

Oakland at Miami -- Ken Stabler squares off against Bob Griese. Oh wait, it's not 1973? Carson Palmer squares off against Ryan Tannehill, who Andrew Siciliano kept referring to as the "star of HBO's Hard Knocks." I mean, come on. Dolphins 19, Raiders 16

Kansas City at Buffalo -- Matt Cassel looked pretty good Sunday and Ryan Fitzpatrick looked like Ryan Leaf. But I don't see that trend continuing, at least not where Fitzpatrick is concerned. By the way, nice revamped defense, Buffalo. Bills 24, Chiefs 21

Baltimore at Philadelphia -- The Eagles squeaked out a win against Cleveland, but now we get to see just how good they aren't. Ravens 26, Eagles 24

Washington at St. Louis -- I can't bear to see the Redskins 2-0, can you? The Saints probably played soft defense in light of all the bounty stuff, but Jeff Fisher's chippy Rams will be anything but. Rams 19, Redskins 17

Dallas at Seattle -- Memo to Jason Garrett--don't let Tony Romo be your holder on a field-goal attempt. Man, I wanna pick the Seahawks here, but Dallas is rested and looked too good last week. Cowboys 34, Seahawks 13

NY Jets at Pittsburgh -- Welcome back to earth, Mark Sanchez. Steelers 17, Jets 10

Tennessee at San Diego -- Last night aside, the Chargers usually never wake up until November. So I wanna pick an upset here, but I just can't. Chargers 27, Titans 17

Detroit at San Francisco -- Wow, did the Niners look fierce against Green Bay? The Lions are good, but the San Fran is on another level. And we all can't wait for the handshake after the game. Niners 23, Lions 17

Denver at Atlanta -- What a Monday night treat this is. Peyton Manning and the revamped Broncos against the high-flying Falcons, at home where they are near impossible to beat. Falcons 35, Broncos 31

Last week: 8-8 | Season record: 8-8