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David Wilson, 09.12.12

RE: Regarding the drills that Coach Coughlin referred to about ball security:

A: No matter what I do, high and tight. When I have the ball, it's high and tight.

Q: How many times have you heard the words, ‘high and tight,' in the last six days?
A: Sixteen, seventeen.

Q: You said you had the ball high and tight when you fumbled.

A: Yeah, but you have to drill it in. Have it in your mind, so it's natural. Even though it was there, you have to make sure... It wouldn't have come out if I had a tight grip on it.

Q: Is it worse because you have to wait ten days before you suit up again?

A: Yeah. I'm just preparing for Tampa Bay now. I'm getting reps in practice, so that's a good sign.

Q: Did you do anything like carry the ball home with you?

A: Yeah. I've got a football at home.

Q: So, everywhere you're walking, you have a football with you?

A: Just sometimes when I'm watching TV. I'm just getting used to having it.

Q: Does it ever cross your mind that you could potentially make the Bucs a little bit regretful that they didn't take you in the draft?

A: It never really crossed my mind. I definitely want to play well. I definitely want to get our first win. So that's what I'm focused on. I'm a Giant now, so the rest of it doesn't matter.

Q: Have you ever felt like you're in the doghouse a little bit?

A: Yeah. Especially after the fumble in that game. I was just on the sideline, watching everybody else play, and hoping for the best. It was kind of like a hopeless feeling, because there wasn't much I could do about it. I just tried to take advantage on kick return,

Q: Did you feel like, once you're sitting there, ‘I'm not getting back in,' as far as carrying the ball, unless something really bad happened?

A: Yeah. My thought process was, ‘let's see if I can get a kick return back to the crib.' Watch out for me on kick returns.

Q: Have you ever had anything like that happen to you in college or high school?

A: In high school, we'd have an after practice. If you fumbled in practice or a game, you'd have to do extra running or push-ups. It was like a drill. You'd run 100 yards, for every five yards, you'd drop down with two footballs, and you'd have to get back up without un-tucking your arms.

Q: Was it one particular game that you had to do it?

A: I never had to do it then. I did it the other day.

Q: What was so eye-opening about your first NFL game?

A: Two carries, four yards, and one fumble. That'll be something I hope to be able to look back at and laugh.