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Hakeem Nicks, 09.12.12

Q: You were one of the first guys who went over to David Wilson after the fumble. I think it was you and Osi. What have you said to him either in that moment, or since that you think will help him?

A: I told him that stuff happens in the NFL. It’s all about how you bounce back.

Q: Since you got here, your receivers coach was Mike Sullivan, then he was the quarterbacks coach. How much do you think he can help them and tell them about what you guys do out there?

A: Obviously, he can help them a lot. He knows this offense up and down. He’s running the same offense over there. It’s going to be competitive. I’m sure they’re going to be used to seeing some of the things we do, but we have ways to defeat it, and do what we do as an offense.

Q: It’s a little more up here, right?

A: It’s just mentality. Making sure the quarterback and receivers are on the same page with signals and terminology.

Q: You have to change up the way things sound?

A: Just play our game.

Q: How can you tell that it’s the same offense? What jumps out to you? Everything?

A: Everything. It’s our offense. Sully came from here. So, it’s what he knows. I’m sure he’ll add a few things to it, to tweak it his own way, but for the most part, they’re running our offense over there.

Q: So their defense was practicing in training camp essentially against your offense?

A: Pretty much. We’ll see how it goes through the course of the game.

Q: It seems over the foreseeable future that you’re going to have to do some resting during the week to play on Sundays. How much do you think that’s going to impact your ability to play at a high level?

A: When I’m in the game, I know my mentality. I’ll approach the game like I always approach it. I’m going to dig deep. I’m going to fight through it, and play hard, regardless.

Q: Doesn’t timing become a factor, though?

A: No.

Q: Why not?

A: Because, I’ll be at full speed.

Q: Today was a rest day?

A: Yeah. Today was a rest day. I’ll be practicing tomorrow.

Q: Do you think that once a week, you’ll have to take a day off?

A: Yeah. Until they decide to do something different. They don’t want to have any setbacks on it.