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Tom Coughlin, 09.12.12

Coughlin: Good morning. By now everyone has watched the Tampa/Carolina game, the outstanding game that they played, and the way in which they have chosen to play. They blocked the punt in that game, they had no turnovers themselves, they rushed the ball for 130 yards, the young rookie running back rushed for 95 yards. Their defense played outstanding, they held the number seven rushing team in the NFL a year ago to 10 yards rushing. It was minus-one at halftime. They’re a good team; they’re a fast team. They did well in free agency. They drafted well, all three of those top kids are all starters on their team. They seem to be playing the way they want to play. We’re preparing, we had one early practice that we introduced some of how we would play, and of course today is our big day, the start of our week. Questions?

Q: Update on Prince? Is he expected to practice fully?

A: Well, he won’t practice fully. We’ll try to pick up where we left off Monday and continue to allow him to work. He does have some issues; he’s just fighting his way through them.

Q: Update on David Baas:

A: It’s just some nagging issues there, that’s all. He’ll practice.

Q: Did you go back and watch how Schiano’s Rutgers team played? How much of Schiano’s schemes from Rutgers, confusion and speed in all facets of the game, does he bring to Tampa?

A: We watched all the Rutgers film. In all three phases. Of course, we watched all the preseason games. They continue to have a good scheme.

Q: Facing coordinators that used to be a part of your staff, what is that like, and does it help or hurt on the field?

A: Well, you can draw your own conclusions on that one. They’ve both been here; they’ve both been in our system. Mike Sullivan of recent date, obviously. He did an outstanding job for us. Good, sharp, young coach. Bill Sheridan was here with our defensive staff. They both know the way we operate; they both know somewhat of our terminology. We’re aware of that.

Q: Will Marvin Austin work today?

A: Yes.

Q: How’s he feeling?

A: How are you doing? He’s going to practice.

Q: Does it help you going against former assistants? Possibly running some of the same schemes.

A: Watch the tape…yes.

Q: Thoughts on Doug Martin:

A: Hard runner. He is physical, runs through arm tackles. He and their fullback are right up there in their pass protection area as well, they both do pick up the blitz well, I think. They ran 36 times the other day.

Q: What was it like being a college coach and making your way to the NFL? Can you put yourself in a similar place to what Greg Schiano is going through right now?

A: I can imagine, yeah. I sure can. I’ve been there a couple of times, thank you very much for reminding me.

Q: Is it overwhelming? What’s it like to get a win in your first game?

A: It was obvious. They were a team that, what, lost 10 straight games a year before. The program is obviously being accepted. They made a lot of changes; they changed better than half the offensive players on their team, period. That was an exciting win for them at home, provided everyone there with some confidence, and obviously they’re doing things there the way they want to do them.

Q: Will Beatty is not on the injury report, so he is not injured?

Coughlin: I ask that question myself.

Q: Does he go fully?

A: He will continue to progress the way we have been bringing him along, with the number of snaps that he gets, and again, trying to make up for all the lost time.

Q: He will continue to take snaps with the first and second team?

A: He seems to be.

Q: Could he start at left tackle against Tampa?

A: We’ll see. We’ll see how fast he comes.

Q: Is that his job when he’s healthy?

A: We’ll see.

Q: Did you talk to David Wilson this week about fumbling?
A: Yes.

Q: Which one?
A: All of the above?

Q: How has Wilson responded?

A: Well.

Q: Define well.
A: He’s anxious to do right.

Q: Are you anticipating him getting the ball on Sunday?
A: Certainly.

Q: Is he out of the doghouse?

A: Well, he’s a little out of the doghouse.

Q: How can he regain your trust?
A: Ball security.

Q: Has the loss led other members on the team to have some bad sleep as Tuck said?
A: None of us have slept well. I hope the whole room is full of people that didn’t sleep well. That’s the point.

Q: How much more physical do you have to be this week against Tampa Bay?
A: Very. Improved.

Q: How does a player like Cruz, who had a couple drops, work his way out of that?
A: Back to fundamentals. Focus. Concentration. Can’t go anywhere without the ball. Come back to the ball. See the point. Catch the fat part. Put it away. Cover it up. Make the most direct course up the field and gain extra yardage, run after the catch.

Q: Is that part of teaching guys to slow down a little bit?
A: Don’t want anybody to slow down. We’re looking for people to speed up. Just execute the fundaments properly.

Q: Is it up to Victor to fix the lapse in concentration in dropping the balls?
A: A lot of it is. Yes. He’s done it before.

Q: He’s had those lapses last year and you’ve seen him come back from them.

A: Absolutely.

Q: What do you expect from 10 days off?
A: Energy. Enthusiasm. Pride. Second game of the season. Didn’t like what we saw for the most part in the first game. Renewed vigor. Vigilance. Unselfishness. Do your job. Understand. Listen. Pay attention to the details. Follow the details through in the chaos of the game.

Q: Antrel was on the radio yesterday and said that a lot of the mistakes on the defense were guys trying to play outside their assignments and doing too much. Is that a fair assessment of some of the issues?
A: Some of that is correct.

Q: When you made the transition from college to the NFL, do you remember facing questions whether that type of system will translate to the NFL?
A: There’s a well-documented record of that. Thank you.

Q: Well why…
A: First preseason training camp. We don’t have time for that stuff.

Q: When you look at the tape, did anything concern you at the level of your team being overmatched in its opener?
A: Execution was not what we expected. We anticipated a lot better execution and that’s the direction we go in.

Q: Do you do any prep work for Carolina this week at all?
A: No. The most important game we’ve ever played is this week and the next most important game we’ve ever played will be the week after.

Q: Is it a different game to go from coaching college to the pro ranks?
A: What the heck? Is this the only 15 minutes… Is it different? Sure it’s different. It’s a lot different.

Q: Is there anything you have to do differently against Tampa’s front seven?
A: Recognition. Recognition helps a lot being able to adjust on the fly. Meet speed with speed and power with power and so on and so forth. They have a very good front.

Q: How is Keith Rivers’ hamstring?
A: He’s going to work. He’ll be limited.