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NFL Power Rankings, Week 2: New York Giants Tumble After Opening Loss

I know many of you hate weekly NFL Power Rankings. And I know they are subjective and don't mean a whole lot. They are, however, good fodder for discussion and they can tell us what folks around the Inter-Google think of the New York Giants.

That said, let's look around quickly and see where the Giants rank entering Week 2.

SB drops the Giants from No. 2 to No. 6, and NFL Editor Joel Thorman isn't very nice about it, either. He writes:

"Should we be surprised they dropped the season opener? This team isn't the Patriots, a team that wins 13 games seemingly every year. They barely made it into the playoffs last season, a notch above .500."

SB Nation New York has the Giants all the way down at No. 17. Now that is a lack of respect for the defending champs.

Other rankings:

CBS Sports

FOX Sports


Now, have at it. Tell me how little they mean and how little you care.